Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cheers to new and brilliant things.


Did you know that we have a new president? It's still sinking in, for me. I attended the inauguration viewing at Centennial Hall and was in awe of the crowd in attendance. I went to the inaugural ball hosted by the Juneau Democratic Party and was again delighted with the number of people in attendance. Barack Obama is our new president and I am feeling a pride and sense of patriotism I haven't felt in a long time.


In the State of the State address, Sarah Palin announced a hiring freeze for the State of Alaska. Ouch. I had an interview the day before with the Attorney General's office and now I think I might be out of luck. Luckily I should have another interview this week. I also got a tip from a friend about someone to talk to at the legislature about getting a job. Cross your fingers, I still have a chance to be a legie. Here's to hope.


I've been really enjoying having good company at the bar. I had a group of legies in recently and I've had numerous other people who have declared the Bergmann to be their favorite. Things are looking up for the place.


I slapped my boss.

He thanked me. I was slapping some sense into him. It may not have been all that effective, but it makes for a good story, right? Don't worry, I'm far from getting fired.


I think that by saying cheers after everything it makes it all more... um... cheerful. Right.

Some more highlights from the weekend include: Lots of dancing! Yay! Dancing with volunteers from the campaign days, dancing with Mr. M, dancing with some other handsome gents.

The only one issue I have lately is my reaction to Mr. A being around. I don't know why it always gets me all messed up. I drank a bit too much and apparently blacked out. Oops. I apparently slapped Mr. L twice and Mr. CPP once. I guess slapping the boss once opened a can of worms.

Saw Mr. HL again, but I was pretty drunk. I bet I made an ass of myself. But alas, it happens.

Had some decent company at the bar earlier this evening, but now things are quiet. I didn't plan for it to be a big night though, so I can't complain too much. If it remains this quiet, I'll be ok with it. I have to get home and get some rest so I can wake up early in the morning to try for a job.

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