Monday, December 22, 2008

Well, this time I mean it!

Remember when Mr. CPP said, "We should just be friends" and then didn't act like just friends? Well, apparently we are just friends NOW. For the sake of my sanity, I'm not going to let "just friends" be a "gray" sort of state. It's going to be a black and white sort of state. We are not "just friends" anymore, we are just friends. Or we'll be friends when I'm done being pissed off at the conditionality of the terms.

I'd like to point out that Christmas parties with open bars may be the best and worst idea ever. I woke up this morning on my couch, barely covered in a blanket, with my purse open in the middle of the room, and my phone on hand and a glass of water on the table. For being drunk enough to pass out on the couch, I am impressed that I was smart enough to ensure hydration and a wakeup call for the morning. The Hangar party was quite the affair. Most people were pretty dressed up and the spread was rather amazing, though definitely not meant for vegetarians, as Noah's Ark had been laid out on the tables. I think I ate ostrich.

I lost track of how many vodka-tonics I consumed, but I'm sure it was enough to kill a small horse, or at the very least, to tranquilize it for a good number of hours. That is probably why I was stupid enough to have a talk with Mr. CPP which led to the reiteration of our FRIENDship. Definitely why I was stupid enough to try to convince him that we should continue with the not really just friends thing. Sometimes I'm such a stupid girl.

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