Monday, December 15, 2008

The VIP Lounge

The holiday season is not complete without holiday parties. A holiday party is not complete without an open bar.

The 'Vous Holiday Party was last night. It opened to the select attendees at 7pm and was rumored to potentially go late into the night or early into the morning, depending on how you like to look at it.

I got gussied up and showed up a little after 8pm. Overall, the party was pretty fun. It was a good crowd, lots of drinking - though many of us had paced ourselves for a longer night than we'd have. I had three dates, Mr. HS, Mr. HJ, and Mr. CPP. They showed up later in the night than I did.

There isn't much to note about the party, it was your typical night of drinking and debauchery, surprisingly less dramatic for me than other nights, despite the open bar.

Word on the street is that the night was not drama-free for everyone, but luckily I had nothing to do with that.

The party closed down at bar close, much to the displeasure of those of us who had hoped for a wild and crazy night. I had it all planned out that we would party late into the night, then the not-boyfriend and I would stumble back to my apartment and have a sleepover. Alas, he was sober enough to drive home and I was drunk enough to go to an "after party" that I was too tired to stay at.

I guess you could say it was kind of disappointing. It's okay though, I've still got another holiday party to attend. Next Monday, I will hopefully be sharing the tales of the Hangar party and who knows what other debauchery.

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