Monday, December 22, 2008

Sex and the Frontier

Friday night, you could see four ladies sitting together, talking about life over cocktails (or actually Black Fang, Haines Brewery's amazing porter). Someone pointed out it was like Sex and the City, only we're in friggin' Alaska. As usual, I get dubbed the Miranda.

Friday night was a lot of fun, one of the nights when Miss C declares that she's sleeping on my couch, one of those nights when everyone and everything is fun. The whole day was fun, even. We had kids in the office to learn about humpback whales, then we went to the Hangar for appetizers and drinks. I have great co-workers! Too bad tomorrow is my last day.

I thought I would be working at the Bergmann, but after going home to change into something sassy, I showed up to discover dude-man working the shift again. Again, it's not dude-man's fault, it is the owner's fault. Apparently I'll be working the Friday shift again in two weeks. Not sure if it will continue. In any case, I called up the girlfriends and Miss C, Miss A, and Miss B and I met up at the Hangar later in the evening. We spent most of the night at the Alaskan, where I was asked to dance(!) and where we drank more beer instead of cosmos. We even hit up the Imperial to bust some moves. Eventually Miss A and Miss C crashed at my house. Sometime during the night we planned a wine & cheese night for Saturday.

I made pancakes for Miss A and me on Saturday morning and we watched The Princess Bride, which will never get old, and The Nightmare before Christmas, which will also never get old. It was a really lazy day, but very nice. We all got together again at 8pm at my house. We had the following bottles of wine: A 2001 Penfold's Shiraz, valued at $280; a Rodney Strong Cab, valued at $60, a Cover Drive Cab, value unknown, and a Parker Station Pinot, value unknown. The first three were fantastic. The Pinot, my contribution, had turned. I had never dealt with a bad wine before, I mean, I've had my share of two-buck-chuck, but this was spoiled. Luckily that was the last bottle we opened and it didn't ruin the night of wine drinking, cheese and fruit eating, and never have I ever playing. Once we hit the last bottle (it smelled like farts! I swear!) we decided to go out.

We stopped at the Alaskan, found it to be an awkward crowd, definitely a holiday party spill-over... we witnessed what has been described as a 45+ three-way kiss. Ick. Once we got tired of watching the mature adult content, we tried the Rendezvous, where the pop-punk was just a little too loud. Upon determining that the 'Vous was not our scene, we tried the Imperial, which was obviously appealing to a lot of people that night, but for us, it felt off. Finally, we decided to "slum it" and went to the Viking. To its credit, the Viking is consistent. They consistently play good dance music (better than the Imperial), they consistently pour strong drinks, and they consistently have kind of a sketchy crowd. It was just what the doctor ordered. We went out there, danced like mad, even braving the cage. We danced until we could dance no more, and then we went home. In small doses, the Viking is apparently wonderful. It was nice because it lacked the familiar faces and the pressures of the other bars, we were able to let loose and be a little silly. I guess it's kind of stupid that we can't do that at the other locations, maybe it's time for some small-scale gentrification - maybe it's time to take over the Viking...

Now, I am sure you all laugh about me and my silly ways, but if you find me and my ways hilarious, I urge you to read Stuff White People Like, if you don't already. Seriously.

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