Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

...but the fire is so... No. Heater. No. Lights. No. Damn.

This morning, while blow drying my hair, the power went out. I was enshrouded in darkness. My hair was damp. I had no makeup on. I was already running late.

By the light of my blackberry, I stumbled around my apartment and all the obstacles it houses. I gathered my makeup, my purse, my phone, my coat, and I stepped out into a solid six inches of snow.

I showed up to work about 15 minutes late, damp haired, hungry, and covered in melting snow. Still, I had arrived first.

The power was still on at the office when I arrived. I started working on my tasks for the day. Then, approximately a half hour later, the power went off at the office as well.

At least an hour of the day was spent sitting in the office doing almost nothing, waiting for the power to return so we could have our staff meeting, waiting for the power to come on so we could go get our coffee, waiting for the power to go on so we could resume our lives.

Once the power returned, we had the longest staff meeting known to man. From 11am until well past the one o'clock hour, we were in the conference room talking about turtles and tuna and the arctic. I picked at my cuticles, admired the way the English scientist says "turtle," and managed to contribute an insider tip here and there.

I got stuck taking a late lunch today, due to the late start on everything. I finished my morning routine during this time - straightening my hair, putting on makeup, and making sure I looked presentable for tonight's reception for the US Senate Elect.

I had been e-mailing back and forth with the Finance Director regarding the when and where and what of the trip. Being an important person, as I am, I get to walk Mark to his car on his way to the airport. Hey, at least I get a half a minute from the door of the reception to the door of the car.


Last night the Rotaract meeting was held at the Canton House. I once again ordered the delicious Twee roll and had a rather dull time. It's hard for me to be there sometimes. Sometimes I wonder how everyone can be so mature and responsible and how people can stand to talk about work or mundane events. We avoid most things that are really interesting because those things aren't safe. We rarely plan anything fun. Half the time I feel like people are being really insincere, trying to sell the club to outsiders. Listening to Mr. S explain how much he loves being able to help out all the clubs in town made me want to throw up my sushi. Mr. AS and Miss CS were great company though. After a group trip to check out the new Dodge Challenger (I'm not a car person and I'll admit it was pretty cool), I accompanied those two to Fred Meyer and was delighted with their humor and friendliness. There are definitely some people I like a lot, but the dynamic of the group is somewhat disappointing.

I am so close to being finished with Cat's Cradle - I had to stop two pages from the finish because my eyes were getting blurry and I wasn't comprehending it all that well. That's what happens when I read until sleep overtakes me.

Should be able to finish after the reception tonight, unless Miss MJB calls about plans.

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