Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No rest for the weary


I browsed through my own blog to uncover the truth as to when the last night I stayed in was. I kept going through, linked to 'older posts' and I eventually gave up. Last night I commented that my friend Miss J in Mexico didn't seem to go out and do things that much, but it isn't that she is anti-social, it is that I am hyper-social.


Yesterday was Mr. M's birthday. There was an obligation to go out. I went home and relaxed for a bit after work. I drew on the tablet PC and grimaced at our kitchen in disdain. I immortalized the mounds of dirty dishes in a comic - I swear, I'll post them soon. I've made a solid 10 since I got the thing, but I haven't been posting. After lying about, drawing, reading a trashy mag, and trying to warm my toes to a positive temperature I joined the roommate in heading over to Miss P and Mr. M's house. We joined a couple of friends and were joined by still more, as we drank cheap beer and participated in an array of activities, from simple conversations to throwing darts.

Miss P and I got a little antsy and decided to go on an adventure. "How long had it been since our last adventure?" we pondered. Too long. We filled Miss P's metal water bottle with a concoction of cheap Canadian whiskey, peppermint schnapps (not our favorite Rumpleminze), half 'n' half and creme de cacao which tasted like a peppermint patty. We then set out to peek into bars, wander the streets, and sit in Pel'meni like punk kids. It wasn't the most adventurous adventure we've undertaken, but it got us out into the cold winter night, just as in our first adventure on the docks with Jose (Cuervo).

As we walked to our respective homes, we stopped at the intersection that would be our parting point to have a little heart to heart. In this heart to heart talk, we referred, metaphorically, to a butterfly and imitated a butterfly flapping its wings, with arms outstretched behind us, wagging awkwardly. At the time I was thankful nobody had been there to witness one of our weirder moments, but now I am publicly admitting to being a total crazy person via the web. Awesome.

This morning we had a surprise baby shower for a co-worker who is becoming a dad. He e-mailed this morning saying he'd be stopping in only briefly to pick up his laptop and go. The plan was that we'd all be ready at 10am when he would arrive. Except he arrived at 9:50 and two people were in a teleconference, the others were out running errands or in the "science wing" and I was thrust into the role of distraction. "So, how was the appointment?" "Boy or girl?" "Got a name yet?" "Got some airborne or emergen-C?" were just some of the inane questions I managed to spew out in an attempt to buy time, obviously a source of exasperation as he shuffled papers and packed things. Finally, the two in the teleconference finished and we managed to lead him into the conference room. Gifts of note? A mini hockey set and a six-pack of LaBatt Blue. Could you guess? He's Canadian, plays hockey, and is having a boy...

Tonight is a Rotaract meeting. We're going to Canton house so I think it is time for me to have another Twee roll! Should be another fun time with the 20-something-but-overly-mature crowd. After that meeting though, I swear, I will take a night in. I will request to be dropped off at home, I will instantly wash my face, put on sweats, turn off my phone, and snuggle up with some Vonnegut.

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