Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Judging!

1. I updated the comics. You remember how on Monday I posted a zillion and one blogs? Well, because I know you like the comics more anyway, I've done the same with them. Yesterday I posted at least six. Go to them!

2. I brought the little Tab-PC to the Silverbow with me, where I had soup and a bagel while I updated. I chatted with one of the employees who is back to help for Christmas break, he is going to school to be an astronaut or something, ok, maybe not exactly that. He goes to Embry Riddle, I think. I also had the joy of being joined by Mr. TB/the Crush. Last interactions were a bit on the super awkward side, but this dalliance proved to be much better. Back to his mellower state, he came to join me (at my invitation) and we chatted a little while I updated and shared with him my comics. He happened to be reading a copy of Persepolis and offered to let me borrow it. These are the times when my heart is aflutter with nerd-love. He requested the address for the comics site and the phone number (finally, jeez). I had to go back to work, but I'm glad we had a nice time together after the camping trip with its craziness.

3. While updating further after work and sipping on tea, I was joined by Miss B. We sat there for a long time catching up on the last two weeks worth of news and "the Juneau Drama" before heading back to my apartment to avoid interrupting the kiddie Christmas movie about to show. We did a lot of catching up, and then we did something I pretty much NEVER do. I may have toked up. I try to avoid it, I did it some in college, but at a point I realized that it makes my mind think crazy-stupid things. Thinking crazy-stupid things is fine except when you don't want to say these crazy-stupid things and sound crazy-stupid around people who you are convinced will judge you based on the things you say while crazy-stupid. I stopped doing it entirely after listening to group conversation recorded by Miss L in which I rambled about the Cote d'Ivoire and its different translations for a solid 5 minutes. Elfenbein K├╝ste? Awesome. So, when I say entirely, what I mean is regularly, frequently, or with any but a select few. It had been a long, long time, but I trust that Miss B, in any state, would not judge me for being crazy-stupid.

First the night started with just saying stupid things and doing some stupid things, all of which were insanely hilarious, of course. Then we discovered a pack of four touch lights (you remember the trend) and we had a touch light rave. Then we discovered that you could see the reflection in the television set, so we choreographed a touch light dance. Then we moved them slowly and steadily forward like headlights, had them rise parallel to each other and made rocket noises, and we covered them partly with our fingers and considered ourselves to be Darth Vader and a Furnace. I was a furnace. Now, this all sounds incredibly stupid, and let me tell you why: It is stupid. But it was also very fun. When Miss B left me, I decided it would be a great idea to watch a movie. In a box of VHS tapes recently donated to the Miss-J-Resists-Technology-Trust, I discovered a copy of The Meaning of Life, you know, Monty Python... It was a life changing experience. Until I fell asleep.


brookeinak said...

Yay for light shows!!!

Melissa Leeanne said...

I did write about it, even though I claimed I wouldn't and know I shouldn't... haha.