Friday, December 19, 2008

I wish you weren't a liar.

Lies. We all do it. Including me.

Well, I mean, I guess what I am referring to is not a lie. I bailed on plans yesterday. I bailed because I wanted to be productive. I said specifically that it was because I wanted to prepare for an interview, but whether I lied to myself or my friend, I did no such thing.

Instead, I continued the domestic spree and cleaned. A lot. I also made soup from (nearly) scratch - hand picking every ingredient, right down to which herbs and spices. The fennel - a good idea!

In cleaning our apartment, I have generated no fewer than 5 bags of garbage. Ick. I have found things long forgotten, gotten rid of things which should soon be forgotten, and I have discovered counter space I never knew existed. Possibly also a new species of mold. I've worked really hard on the kitchen, bathroom, and living room - I even cleared out the hallway, which proves to be a treacherous path. And, in doing laundry, I've also been working on my own room. The house is almost presentable enough that I might invite people over. Though it won't be until the time I leave, then the roommate comes home first and I can only hope that she will treat the newly cleaned house a little more gently than the old dirty house.

I have also been doing a bunch more art, as I have mentioned. I busted out the paints, have been using mixed media and I have been doing lots of self portraits. I love and hate self portraits.

Oh, but about lying. I'll tell you who really did lie. A boy. Told me he was leaving town, so I told him he could go ahead and stop by, even though I smelled of bleach and looked like hell. Turns out he's not leaving town, at all. Just busted in on my domestic spree. Being the congenial hostess that I am, I didn't send him away, but adjusted and we watched a movie on the couch. After the movie I went to bed, but it was already absurdly late.

This morning was one of those mornings when everything goes wrong and my reaction time to simple decisions facing me was atrocious. Examples: Situation, Option, Option:

1) Alarm goes off: Get up, stare, hit snooze: I chose hit snooze. Twice. Bad idea.
2) Dryer did not dry clothing you want to wear: Stare, choose something else, wear wet clothing: I chose stare. Then choose something else. Sort of a time waster.
3) Pants missing button: Find thread, needle, button and sew, wear without button, choose other pants: I chose the first, failed, and then wore the pants sans button.
4) You are already running late, oh shit!: Get out the door ASAP, do other things that aren't necessary before leaving: I chose to get some soup that I had made and choose the right scarf for the outfit.
5) It's cold outside: Find socks and wear boots, wear shoes that will not keep your feet warm: After some searching and contemplating, I chose the latter.

Obviously, I ought to work on my decision making skills. All I have to say is it is a damn good thing I don't drink in the mornings. Bad decision making times a zillion.

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Oh god, I hope you don't think my most recent blog post about options and choices is meant for you. It's merely coincidental, I swear. But your decision-making skills, however poor you think they are, still provided me with a little chuckle just now. So how late were you in the end? I thought the part about you picking out the right scarf was so typical of you, and I love that! Love you much, dear.