Monday, December 8, 2008

Camping is intense (in tents) (except when in cabins).

The camping trip that almost wasn't:

I had told Mr. M that I would go camping for his birthday a long time ago. Then I twisted my ankle. Limping around all Friday I told our friend Miss CA that I may not be able to go. Some hours later, several milligrams of ibuprofen later, and a lot of pondering later I opted to be an adventurer and go.

Saturday I discovered that I was feeling pretty good, I ran around a bit and determined that I could definitely go camping. So long as I could find a way to get out there. Miss CA wasn't planning on going, and even if she were going, she wasn't driving so we still faced a dilemma. Miss TG was MIA, not answering her phone or calling back. I did get in touch with Miss T, however, who decided that she definitely did want to go.

We left my apartment at around 7:15, drove out past Amalga Harbor, by the Herbert River, almost to the Herbert Glacier trail. We parked next to the other campers' cars and began our trek to the cabin. Mr. M chose the particular cabin mostly for the ease of the trail. It is mostly pretty flat and a lot of the trail is board, so even more flat. It's also not that long, at an estimated 4 miles. Felt like less.

We almost started out the trail wrong, but eventually found the fairly obvious trailhead. We were making pretty good time, wearing our very sexy head lamps and our extra-tuffs. I was keeping our pace a little on the slow side, due to my bum ankle, but overall it was going well. Then I slipped. Ouch!

Panic ensued because my leg went off in weird directions and I definitely did not help my ankle by re-twisting it. I sat down for a moment, took some more ibuprofen, and then walked it off. Part of me thought that at only mile 1 of the hike, it might be a better idea to turn back and give up, but the adventurer in me knew that as long as I didn't slip again and further injure myself, I'd be fine and turning back would be a regret.

We made it to the cabin eventually and we were planning on scaring the boys, but Mr. TB/The Crush was out peeing and spotted us. He yelled hello and actually ended up surprising us.

When we arrived, we almost immediately began playing Kings' Cup. They boys were happy to have us because they had had to alter the rules from "4's are for whores" to "social" because of the lack of ladies in the place. It was Mr. M, Mr. CT, and Mr. TB. And lots of beer. And some whiskey. The game was fun and after we finished game one, we got more company. Mr. MT and Miss FT arrived. We started another game, but that is when things started to get a little less fun.

Mr. TB was, for every sip any of us would take, taking a gulp. For every "waterfall," he would chug the entire beer. He started to get a little obnoxious and became a lot different than the usually mellow Mr. TB that we all know and love. We quit the game of Kings' Cup (my second, his third) and were just hanging out and trying to eventually get to bed (and by bed I mean wood slabs). Eventually Mr. MT pulled Mr. TB and Miss FT inside from their argument and I took it upon myself to take care of the drunken Mr. TB.

I zipped him up in his sleeping bag and got him to lie down on the bunk and then I cooed soothingly at him to be quiet. "Shhh, it's time to go to sleep. Let's go to sleep." I had to fend off some grabby hands and whatnot, but eventually, perhaps lulled by the continuing string of questions from Mr. TB, I was able to fall asleep. Apparently, as soon as I fell asleep, he was up and searching for cigarettes and had to be put to bed again by Mr. M, but by this time it was probably more like 8 or 9 in the morning.

Now, so that nobody gets the wrong idea, as people so often tend to do, I adore Mr. TB when he is anywhere from sober up until the belligerent state, he's generally a very intelligent, thoughtful, creative and fairly intense but calm person. Everyone agrees that he is usually wonderful.

After a leisurely morning of sleeping in late, hanging out on the lakefront, and recalling the night for Mr. TB, Miss T and I headed back. The hike back started in daylight, though it got dark less than a half hour into our return hike. The return hike went a little quicker, or so it felt, and we spent it mostly in silence, both of us pondering life, no doubt. I almost slipped this time, doing one of those comical near-falls with legs flailing. I managed to make it through the hike back with no more damage to the bum ankle. The trip was a success.

Sunday night was a special "church" because we brought food! As anticipated, most people didn't actually bring things. An unanticipated but not negative turn of events was that most people didn't even show up. It turned out to be me, Miss T, Miss J, Miss A, and Miss CT. We had chicken and dumplings courtesy of Miss A, bread and cheese courtesy of Miss J and me, and drinks poured courtesy of Miss CT. It was a nice night. I think it may turn into a regular thing.

Tonight I may be going to see Twilight. Miss J has convinced me. It is also Mr. SA's last night in town, so a trip to the Alaskan to say goodbye is in order.

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