Monday, December 8, 2008

Advise me!

So, I've been looking ahead to the future, and here are my potential options:

IF I get a job offer with Mark B's office (US Senate, hollerrrrrr!) I would go to DC. That would be my big next step toward a career in politics and a big change in living situation.

I also have an option (much more likely, I think) to take a position as a sort of office manager/projects assistant for a non-profit environmental group here in Juneau. This would be a big step toward a career in non-profit environmental groups.

Both are big next steps toward career paths which interest me.

Both would be exciting and somewhat prestigious.

Both would probably fulfill my dream of having a business card.

One is in Juneau, a city I love. One is in DC, a city I've never visited but could potentially love.

One is here with friends I adore, a quasi relationship, and a community that has really encouraged me and helped me to grow. One is in a place where I have some friends from college, but is so big that a tightly knit community is not guaranteed.

One is probably only moderately well paying and somewhat stressful. One is likely better playing and not all that stressful.

One caters to a dream I had starting in high school. The other caters to an interest I've cultivated only recently.

One will have me brushing elbows with politicians and meeting loads of new people. One will have me brushing elbows with scientists and keeping the same friends I've had.

Both have a potential to bring about change and go along with my life goal to save the world. One would involve facilitating slow change through the process of the federal government. One would involve facilitating faster change on one particular project.

I'm so torn. Please, tell me what the right answer is.


Myron Davis said...

They both could be the right answer. I'm not sure if there is a wrong one.

A offer to be in Washington D.C. would not happen every day; while a job in Juneau is much less rare.

I'd say go with D.C. because if it doesn't work out the way you want it too you could always go back to Juneau.

If the Juneau one doesn't work out the job in D.C. may not be there in the distant future.

Melissa Leeanne said...

Wise words, Myron! Wise words! So far the votes from Facebook and Myspace are all saying Politics.