Sunday, November 2, 2008

Zen Moment

If I were not based out of a coffee shop right now, I would probably be stressed to the point of death. Thanks to my location away from Mr. Boss and his stress mess and tantrums, I am tense but surviving.

Got a call at midnight with yelling loud enough that I had to hold my phone a good foot from my face and then bring it nearer my mouth to toss in some one word answers. I went straight to the cafe today rather than going into the office because the last thing I wanted was to start out my day with angry Mr. Boss.

Frustrated in general with vague directions because it is shitty to have to redo everything because the criteria has changed.

Today, for a period of time, there were a solid 10 people in the cafe I knew in some way. Miss C was here to canvass and had lunch here, though I was unable to be attentive. Mr. S was here to see his GF and have a bit to eat and we chatted briefly but I have been absorbed with work. Also here, two state or city elected officials, numerous vols, and some other friends. Who knew the Glacier cafe was such a hot spot? My roommate was working this morning as well.

Today was not only better than yesterday in terms of the flake rate... we actually had people come in who had canceled from yesterday or who had intended to call but ended up here. I think we made up for the flakes with the additional canvassers, especially State Sen's chief of staff who has knocked a ton of doors.

I have permission to be here and I am not campaigning, I am conducting my business with the permission of the owners of the local chain. Still, one person made a complaint and apparently snapped a photo of me. I hope I looked good. Ha.

I am feeling less stress than I was before GOTV, surprisingly, but still significantly more stressed than I was feeling before the last week or so. I will definitely be needing a massage after all this.

It's ridiculous because things change so much, halfway through something, things can change. One day we can be telling people we don't need them to do this and then we'll have to frantically try to recruit for it days later. I don't get reasons, I don't get to ask questions, I don't get to explain things... it is just following commands and giving answers. If I felt confined by rules and standards and commands at the CU, this has it beat, not only are the demands sometimes conflicting and sometimes without any explanation, they are different every time, but just as inflexible at the same time. Working on a campaign like this is ridiculous. I think part of it may just be that Mr. Boss is insane and that some of the higher ups are insane... that everyone thinks they know the best way to do things and those ideas sometimes clash. This is quite possibly the hardest job I've ever had in a lot of ways.

Just heard word that roomie got a ride with Shrek and that Shrek was asking about me and about my relationship with Mr. CPP, Mr. HS, and Mr. HJ. Awkward. I guess it's probably better than me admitting to Shrek's roommate that I call her Shrek and commenting on the fit of her halloween costume. I should probably not be so terrible, as her comment was out of a moment of rage and not really some horrible feelings harbored for long. When women compete over men, it can get ugly... Thinking about it, she apparently doesn't know what she wants with him, and I guess I don't really know either. I wasn't competing with anyone until she snapped at me, and now I find myself relishing the fact that he wants to hang out with me and (I assume) not her, the fact that we are flirting when she is around, where she might see that I am clearly winning... it's stupid. I'm going to stop. Next time I see her, I'm going to be mature and apologize for disturbing her sleep that night or something. Sort of an indirect peace treaty, but directness is probably not going to be a possibility.

Halloween was fun. I got out earlier than anticipated and was able to change into costume. I did have a favored pair of shoes break, have to go home to change them, and then make it back out to enjoy some beverages and some company. Survived and managed to make it in time the following day, though perhaps mildly dehydrated.

This post is probably as jumbled as my brain. Welcome to my life.

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