Friday, November 14, 2008

Working Girl

I worked the regular 8-5 today and then went straight to work at the Bergmann. It is empty right now. I've poured myself some soda water with lime to nurse while I wait for my friends to magically appear. I sent out text messages to the people I thought would (a) be likely to show up, (b) be likely to stick around, and (c) be likely to get along with other people I invited. Toward the end I may have made some iffy decisions regarding those of the male persuasion - but no exes or anything stupid like that. If we stay open until 3am, I will have worked approximately 18 hours for the day. Awesome.

Apparently one of the new co-workers may be stopping by - that would be fun. I really like everyone I work with! People are very nice and really interesting and overall good people.

Aside from working, I haven't done a ton. Last night I went out. I was planning on taking it easy, but alas, the whiskey was a flowin' and I did get rather tipsy. Not so much that I forgot things, puked up things, or screwed things up though. Just to the point that I was a little tired this morning and may have been guilty of snooze abuse.

Here's another interactive one. Let's say someone very nicely offers to buy you a drink, is there an obligation to that person? How far does the obligation go?

I was chatting with this guy who was very nice but (admittedly) not terribly exciting and then when the Hangar crowd showed up, my attention was immediately drawn away and was never regained. Was that mean?

My candidate Mark is up by 1022 votes tonight! One more day of counting. Can't say much for trends since I don't know whose votes were counted, how the votes were cast (early/absentee/questioned), or even where the voters reside... but hopefully we stay in the lead at the very least.

Went with Mr. JF to dinner and a film on Thursday night. We had a really good time and I am glad to have a good friend in this kid. The film was good, I decided. It was one of those films that end before you expect it to end and leave you contemplating whether it was good or not. I think that the thing that impressed me the most about the movie was how it presented humans as both heroes and victims and villains - not as separate characters, but each individual seemed to portray all of these archetypes. The movie, if you want to check up on my analysis, is The Edge of Heaven. It's filmed in Germany and Turkey (which is why I invited Mr. JF) and the movie is in both those languages as well as some English. Mr. JF and I talked a lot about being indecisive and wanting more. Funny that this seems to be on the minds of so many right now.

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