Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time to say goodbye...

I was starting to feel really comfortable, like I could see myself settling here and joining the ranks of the "twenty years later" crowd. I feel comfortable, I love the community, and I have lots of friends and lots of fun.

That was until I was reminded of my ambition.

When I got an e-mail instructing me how to apply to work for the new Senator, I decided that it was an immediate necessity. I updated my resume, wrote an inspired cover letter, and went to the trouble of downloading a trial version of Adobe Pro to PDF my stuff so there was no chance of it getting messed up, so nobody could see all the formatting, etc.

I sent it in and now I am going to be waiting anxiously for an indefinite period of time.

Just found out my favorite co-worker from the campaign is going to apply too! Just hope that that Mr. boss doesn't...

This weekend was pretty solid. Worked at the Bergmann on Friday again. Walked out with less than last week, partially because it was a quiet night, partially because the owner had someone else on for "training" and I felt obligated to tip out.

Saturday I was semi productive... I woke up inspired and wrote my cover letter immediately. I then spent a little time with Miss E and Baby O, the latter managed to spit up down my back. Gross. Obviously took a shower after that, but then took a nap and didn't get on the sending of the resume and cover letter until late in the evening.

Was hanging out with Mr. K, who was back for a visit, and Miss C. Miss C and I were having fun, but Mr. K kind of frustrated me. I know this is silly, but somehow I ended up asking it he thought I was pretty. He told me he didn't want to fuck me. I told him, "that's fine, you don't have to want to fuck me to think I'm pretty." Ugh. Anyway, a lesson to guys out there, when your girl friends want to know if they are pretty (I swear I wasn't being some emo girl...) you should tell them they are, because they probably are, even if it doesn't make you want to sleep with them.

Mr. CPP is still texting me all the time. And of course I am still texting him back. I commented to a friend that I am waiting for the day when I have to explain what friends do or do not do. After the little blow to my self esteem courtesy of Mr. K, I was really hoping that our texting would lead to him wanting to come over - contrary to what I am saying right now as a sober person. I would have broken the rule I made about what friends do and don't do. Guess it's a good thing it didn't come to that.

Did I mention I already have a new crush? I think that I am likely just being a silly girl though. I wanted to feel giddy again.

If I get to go to DC I'll have a whole new dating pool. One which is hopefully less incestuous and has some better options. For a snob like me, it is a wonder I have dated or been involved with some of the people I've been involved with. When you have to really struggle to describe what you see in someone, that isn't good, is it?


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I'm definitely crossing my fingers.

Jasmine in Ukraine said...

I'm confident that you'll get the position and take DC by storm. Keep us posted!