Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Looks like we've made it!

This won't be some politically savvy blog like something from politico, oh no, this is going to be a jump up and down and sound like a crazy person blog right now:

My wonderful candidate, Mark Begich, is in it to win it.

The way the numbers are looking right now (mind you this is unofficial) we'll win this by more than the 1/2% margin that would allow for a state funded recount.

That means that the months I slaved away, working 13 hour days, forgoing sleep, being poor, eating poorly, and denying myself a normal social life... those months were worth it.

It may not be official, but I'm confident enough to drink some champagne tonight...

Oh, and happy birthday, soon to be former US Senator Stevens.


Myron Davis said...

Pretty amazing!!


Sharon said...

Awesome! Now draw more MS Paint-toons.