Tuesday, November 25, 2008


After the movie last night, Mr. JF just went home, and I followed up on a text message from Miss P and started walking toward her new downtown abode. I called while I was walking there and found myself to have an open invitation.

Upon my arrival we put the kettle on for tea and headed upstairs for some creative brainstorming. One of the nice things about Miss P and I is that we are idea people, creative people, and therefore we are creative idea people. Miss P is going to make movies someday. I will probably still just make really crappy comics. Which I know I haven't been doing.

Miss P and I, in our creative idea discussion, discovered that we like different types of movies. Apparently I am way dark. I do have an idea for a screenplay though.

Even though we didn't come to any conclusion for a movie to make, we did get on to talking about some of those deep things in life that don't get discussed in casual conversation often enough. Human nature, self image, etc.

Miss P impulsively bought a tablet PC. She's been a mac user for-ev-er so she has so far decided she doesn't like it. She also decided she wants to focus on her writing. I am 99.97% sure that I will be the proud owner of a tablet PC in the very near future. That's good news for the readers of the comics. This means that I'll be making more again.

I detailed some reasons for not making more on the comic site, but here are the really big reasons:

I didn't have hours talking on the phone with nothing to do, so I didn't have idle hands to do the devil's work and draw silly cartoons.

Another thing is that, while life goes on, I haven't had any peculiarly absurd incidents occur, nothing that would warrant much of a cartoon.

What I ought to do, just to make up for it, is bring out the post-it notes from my time at the CU and scan those in. Everyone loves caricatures of the town crazies on post-it notes, right?

The title, infatuation, refers entirely to the inevitable love affair with the tablet PC. There is a good chance that I'll disappear off the face of the earth, drawing obsessively on this amazing bit of technology.

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