Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I win!

Sometimes, I just feel like I win, in general. And by win I mean that life is good, so I'm happy. It's similar to what competitive people feel with a win, but in everyday life. Sort of.

Yesterday after work I just stopped by Miss P's place. Partially because I left my scarf there, but as the scarf is still there, you can imagine that I had other reasons. I ended up hanging out with Miss P later into the night than either of us had intended and I have the tablet PC in my possession now. We had some more deep and meaningful talks, then we went to cover the Bergmann since Mr. I had missed his bus.

While we were there, Miss PR and Miss B both showed up unplanned and unannounced but much to our good fortune. We ended up having lots of fun hanging out and Miss P and I even stayed after Mr. I had made it in.

By the time I had made it home, tablet PC in possession and 3 comics made (but as of yet unposted), I was pretty tired, so I just got ready and went to bed. I had been texting with Mr. CPP (that's what we do) and it continued for a little while. I had mentioned before, when I was feeling like a dumb girl, that if he never pushed the limits of friendship, I'd feel doubly rejected. Well, my faithful reader(s), I am only singly and partially rejected because (a) "let's be friends" actually meant being friends and not "it's over but this is the nicest way to say it" and (b) because I am pretty sure the limits were pushed or at least nudged. In this way, I can be sure that our just being friends has nothing to do with me being undesirable and everything to do with him being an immature boy who doesn't want to be in a relationship. And since I don't think that I really wanted a real relationship anyway. Maybe we both win.

And further winning: As soon as I get the e-mail I am waiting for, I am free to leave the office to begin fun-times-thanksgiving break!

What will I do during this break?

I will possibly not be posting much if at all, so I'll leave you with some possible things I may be doing so you can still think of me and my exciting life:

I will bake a pie! Maybe apple. Maybe peach. Maybe I'll be inspired to bake another kind!

I will make lots of comics. Possibly never leaving the company of my new tablet PC.

I will work at the Bergmann (so if you are in Juneau, you should come by on Friday).

I will maybe try to work Black Friday at the clothing store.

I will sleep in!

I will have a horror movie night with Miss P, Mr. PD, Mr. PJB, and maybe others.

I will try to avoid going out and spending money on alcohol, restaurant food, or other frivolous things, since I sort of budgeted poorly this month.

I will have Thanksgiving at Miss J's family's home.

I will try to do something exciting so that I can have something worth writing about...

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! And to my international friends, happy normal work week and weekend!

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