Thursday, November 20, 2008

I get knocked down, but I get up again.

Silly thing, being all sad over a boy.  Especially when there are more important things going on in the world and in my life.  Yesterday I thought about it, talked about it, and came to a conclusion:

The main reason I was upset was not that I was devastated to be just friends with Mr. CPP.  The main reason I was upset was because I got rejected.  That's never fun.

I remind myself again that I was on a winning team, working on Mark's campaign.  That is reason to celebrate for a good long while.  It is far more important than a silly failure with a boy. 

Today I received an e-mail directing us where to send a resume and cover letter should we be interested in working with Mark further.  Do I hear DC calling for me?  I am working on that this evening. 

My roommate, Miss J, is back home.  We went to dinner last night at Zephyr and had a very tasty meal.  After that we headed to the Rendezvous for my continual celebration of success in the US Senate campaign and all things good in my life.

When we made it to the Rendezvous, Miss M was tending bar, and Mr. TB was there.  Mr. TB and I ended up in a long and involved conversation about art, web comics, and living a meaningful life.

Relating to the boy situation - sometimes when people say that they just want to be friends it is really just the easiest way to say that there is no interest at all.  It seems that Mr. CPP is sincere in wishing to remain friends because he sent me some text messages and came to the Rendezvous to see me. 

Today one of the co-workers discovered that a case he had done litigation for as part of another green group has been won.  No drilling in the Beaufort Sea!

Things are also coming together very nicely for the petition and the impending press conference.  There have been a lot of congratulations in the office, which is exciting.  Being surrounded by so many intelligent, motivated and great people is wonderful.

Here's news which I find to be interesting but I've placed no value on it yet.  I will most likely be featured in a commercial for a talk radio station that just started up here.  It may be going up on youtube, and if it does, and if I only have one chin, I will share it.

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