Friday, November 28, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

Wednesday, I had every intention of staying in and reading -currently Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut - or drawing with the tablet PC - which I did the whole afternoon. My intentions only extended so far, as later in the evening, I kept getting text messages and phone calls from people, most of whom were trying to convinc me to go out. They were successful.

First contact of the night: Miss MC. She and I are acquainted, but as happens with some, she started dating someone not long after moving here. She was calling me, very honestly and straight forwardly, extending a hand in friendship. To me, that is awesome. To have someone say that they would like to be your friend is a very wonderful thing. We are probably going bowling on Sunday.

Second contact of the night: Mr. MM. Weird, right? Must have felt his ears burning. He called and wished me a happy thanksgiving, updated me on what he had been doing (more BASE jumps!), and asked if I would be in town aroun Christmas because, well, apparently he'll be in town. The call was somewhat overwhelming because he is someone I really cared about. Maybe our relationship didn't last long, but it was undoubtedly the healthiest and happiest I had ever been in. I will be out of town though.

Third contact of the night: Mr. CPP texted to see if I'd be out. After talking with Miss MC and then being encouraged by Mr. CPP, I said I'd probably make it.

Fourth contact of the night: Mr. JF texted and then called about going out. He and Mr. N would be out and about.

Now, having three people encouraging me to go out, I decided that staying in was a terrible idea. It seemed that everyone was out, so I decided to go ahead and start making poor decisions.

I primped a bit and then went down to the Hangar to meet up with Mr. CPP. True to our style of interaction, once I said hello I was happy to point out that I was really there to see other people. Mr. JF and Mr. N were right there. I did end up hanging out with them. Mr. CPP informed me he'd be heading elsewhere and I remained with the truly platonic male friends and discussed a business venture Mr. JF had concocted. It was a terrible idea.

When the boys decided to check out the Viking, I decided now would be the time to make a slightly better decision and not set foot in that place, instead going to the Alaskan. There I started hanging out with Mr. CPP, which continued through the night. While Mr. CPP and I were at the bar, a girl walked up and, out of nowhere, spoke to us. "Hey, how's it going?" we looked at her, not sure if she was actually talking to us, "Yeah, I know I don't know you guys, I'm just waiting for a drink though and thought I'd say hi." We greeted her. "Happy Thanksgiving. I mean. Kill an Indian day." Mr. CPP and I were silent. She went on to explain how colonists had killed, raped an pillaged. I responded that we couldn't forget history and then her drinks came and she was off our hands. A few things to note: For those of you who are unaware, Thanksgiving is the holiday we have that is meant to remember the help European Americans colonizing the Americas received from the Native Americans. I explain this because apparently some people don't know? Maybe if it had been Columbus Day, her tirade would have made sense. It's also worth it to point out that she said INDIAN and not Native American. If she's going to play the card she played, she should probably be PC. The final thing to note is that Mr. CPP is Alaska Native. His question once the air had cleared was, "Did she not see me?"

We stopped by the Rendezvous briefly after that. My silly new crush was there. Here's where I realized I might be making the wrong decisions. First, I went out when I didn't have much money. Second, I was hanging out with Mr. CPP after the declaration of friendship and things weren't feeling all that platonic. Third, I like this new crush and we have a lot more in common, but since I was already hanging out with Mr. CPP the conversation with new crush was cut short and Mr. CPP and I went to the Imperial.

At the Imperial we had fun. I think that a friend of Mr. CPP asked "is that your girl?" pointing at me. I then got introduced. We were just sitting around, making commentary about the drunk Coasties and flirting like there had never been a friendship treaty. Basically. We were back to where we were before that talk. Hmmm.

Thanksgiving was good. I went to the grocery store, made some food to bring to Miss J's family's house, and then we went there and chatted with them and family friends. We had lots of delicious food and good conversation and played a board game called Loaded Questions. Afterward, still suffering from food coma, we read and watched a movie and then went to bed.

Today I worked at the clothing store, it was kind of quiet but Miss P showed up. We talked a little while her mom and grandma were shopping. While there, I told her my decision makeing dilemma regarding running into the crush while hanging out with the "just friend" and how I felt like I was keeping myself from something better. She told me that she had run into the crush and that he had said, "Here's the problem: I've liked Miss ? for a long time, but Melissa likes all the same web comics as me..."

I started laughing hysterically, but I also got really giddy. Hopefully he'll stop by the bar tonight and we can continue conversing about nerdy and deep things and maybe I can have something nice and positive.

Working at the Bergmann right now. Come!


Myron Davis said...

Umm... do you think that was a hint that he read YOUR webcomics?

I wonder...

Also your web comics are actually the only web comics I read by the way.

Melissa Leeanne said...

He does not yet read my web comics, but he knows of their existence and has requested to read them.

Myron Davis said...

All it takes is a little sleuthing....

Melissa Leeanne said...

You know much more about how to accomplish such things that I likely ever will. If I need sleuthing services, I'll be sure to come to you.