Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good news!

Today has been full of good news!

First good news of the day is that Mr. JF is going to join me in watching The Edge of Heaven tomorrow evening. I had to turn down an invitation to a game night with some friends of his, so I am glad that we'll get to do this. I mentioned it when decorating for Miss A's party and Miss D asked if it was in any way romantic. Personally, I have never considered Mr. JF as anything more than a friend and I think that this is probably best. If you'd like to know why, it has everything to do with the fact that Mr. JF is smart, witty, fun, and devastatingly gorgeous. OK - he is at least very handsome. It is the last thing that I find intimidating and I think the first thing I do when I encounter someone who is terribly handsome is that I automatically discount them romantically. Despite any suggestions Miss D or Miss A may have made, I will continue to enjoy our platonic relationship.

Second bit of good news is that I got that stupid twin bed and frame out of my closet and into Mr. NC's room. We are neighbors, so the move was a quick and painless one. The frame is missing one screw, so we had to do some duct taping so it wouldn't collapse under Mr. NC's tiny little frame - seriously, that boy is about half my size. I figure that if I was able to sleep two on it when necessary, he could probably fit a couple extra. This means that I have space in my closet to put things away, which I started doing today.

Third bit of good news was that I was offered a job as administrative intern with Oceana. I will be indirectly saving the oceans! It is a temporary position which works perfectly with my aspirations to work with the legislature in January. This is another example of networking because I got the job because of the following string of event: I study in Heidelberg for a year through the Oregon University System. Someone who is to do the same thing sends me a message via myspace and we get to talking and eventually meet for coffee and discussing all things Heidelberg. I move to Juneau. Via gchat, he tells me that someone who was in Germany during the same time he was is from Juneau and has gone back. I get her e-mail address and end up with a coffee date with Miss CA. Miss CA is the sister someone I've already befriended and bff with another of my friends - we realize that we know many of the same people and run into each other fairly often since this meeting. Fast forward to a week ago when Miss CA mentions the position to me on a couple different occasions. Fast forward to today when I go into the office to sign a document saying I accept the position. Awesome.

Another bit of good news? How could there be even more? I was talking with Mr. CC and he suggested I send an e-mail to a particular person in higher echelons of the campaign detailing my situation. After explaining what had occurred, she told me that she does not consider me to have quit and that I should still consider myself part of the campaign as a whole. That being said, I feel very good about having walked away under the circumstances I had faced and I feel even better that I am in no way penalized for having taken a stand as I did. It goes to show that life can be fair, that people can be understanding, and that overall the people I was working with, though very indirectly, are good people.

Mr. CC also informed me that someone from the campaign was in J-town and that I ought to look out for her. We met each other only briefly during the training in A-town, but I may try to go out and see if I can spot her this evening.

Other interesting connections? One of the people who was an amazing volunteer and who gave me some amazing venison stew - her husband works at the place I'll be working the next couple months!

In terms of my dating dilemma, I've received some advice from some solid friends, I'm still considering things but have been more busy dealing with work and finances and watching obscene amounts of movies and sleeping a lot. Today was my last day of 5 days of unemployment, and it felt pretty good. I was productive or at least half the day, and I've enjoyed the rest and made some plans to work things out.

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