Monday, November 3, 2008

Can I make it??

Apparently freaks chose November to be the blog everyday month. I think I've probably already failed that one. I'm posting now because it is approximately an hour and 45 minutes from being E-Day!

It will be a trying time. Busy. Stressful. Exciting. And possibly other things depending on the outcomes of numerous races.

If you are curious which candidates I endorse, since my endorsement counts for so much, they are as follow:

Barack Obama/Joe Biden

Mark Begich
Ethan Berkowitz

Beth Kerttula

Andrea Doll

Jeff Merkley

Ummm, I think you might realize that it is a democratic endorsement.

I also suggest NO on prop 8 for those in California.

Wish me luck, wish Obama and the rest of the democrats luck, and vote and volunteer and cross your fingers, etc.

Oh, and I think I'm the "blue" sheep of the family.

Barely got my 21 year old sister to register to vote, but at least her hippie roommates have swayed her to vote dem.

The 15 year old, thankfully, can't vote, because she supports McCain/Palin. Ew. She posted a myspace bulletin suggesting people wear red in support. That means I have to protest my own sister in another state and wear blue. By all means, I had intended to not even think about what I was wearing, but I've got a teal-blue fleece that I can wear to show my democratic pride.

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Myron Davis said...

Votes are still coming in from the bush.

Nice article on juneauempire.