Monday, November 24, 2008

Board Games and Booze - a winning combination.

Last night was game night at Miss E and Mr. J's place. Miss J and I showed up after I had spent much of my evening using wifi at the 'Vous again. We played lots of cranium and drank lots of wine. Miss J and I were a super team with extra lucky rolls and almost all correct answer. Despite being musically challenged, we even got the humdingers correct!

Miss E and I were a team for the next round, but we didn't finish since Miss J ended up with a headache. We headed home and were to start a movie but I fell asleep promptly. Woke up this morning on the couch, panicking that I would be late to work. Found alarm (cell phone) and went to my own bed to sleep for a couple more hours.

Work was fine today, got to send my first FOIA request. How tender. Bought a gift for the office manager on my lunch today - it was perfect. She heads out of town on Wednesday, so tomorrow is her last day in the office. Most everyone in the office is gone right now, attending a press conference we scheduled related to the petition.

Empire messed up a press release - printed it 3 days early. Apparently some people got some phone calls... Oops.

Tonight I'm heading to the Silverbow with Mr. JF for another German film, 'The Edukators' is the title here in the States. I've seen it before and really liked it.

Still in regular contact with Mr. CPP, still just friends, had a fun realization that was: I want him to want to push the limits, but if he doesn't, if I don't have to scold him about what friends do and don't do, then I'll feel rejected again. Damn me for being a girl. Our heads really do work this way. This post by Suz struck me because at the wake of this thing with Mr. CPP I started reminiscing about Mr. MM. I don't know if he ever did come back to town, as rumor had it, but if he has already passed through, I wasn't notified. What would I expect from his visit anyway?

Off to have a life now. Ciao.

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