Monday, October 27, 2008


Opponent and incumbent has been found guilty on 7 felony counts. I can breathe again. It doesn't mean my job is irrelevant. Sadly, I've still got plenty of work to do. It does mean that things are really looking up for our side though!

There is a mouse in our office. I want it dead. Mr. Boss keeps accusing me of being a hippie and telling me I should love all things, but if death were not far too gory for me to inflict upon a living creature myself, I would totally kill it. Instead, I have the lysol and I fully intend to spray it if it comes near my desk again. I will disinfect it, at the very least.

Speaking of animal encounters, I almost ran right into a bear last week. I was walking home from the office and a couple guys across the street yelled at me to cross the street because there was a bear RIGHT THERE. I crossed and looked past the building I had been passing and saw the bear gnawing on some trash. He wasn't a big bear, but inch for inch and pound for pound that bear has probably got a lot more muscle than I do and definitely a lot more sharp.

It was probably the same downtown bear that Mr. CPP and I saw trotting around the night Mr. L celebrated his leaving town. Talking to Mr. L the other night he told me that he had seen downtown bear that night as well. A bum was taunting the bear in the tree and apparently the bear was swiping. Poor downtown bear.

And speaking of Mr. CPP, since I am so good with segues today, he is bringing some drama to the scene. Saturday night I was hanging out with friends and having a good time. Mr. CPP came to joing me and at bar close we were walking together and headed to the Wharf because there is no other place to get drunk food. While there, we ran into some of Mr. CPP's co-workers and headed back to their apartment in Juneau 4 (I describe things based on voting precinct now). While at the wharf, I had jokingly run off with one of them, Mr. HS, and we frolicked outside for a bit holding hands. I felt like it was pretty obvious that I was simply toying with Mr. CPP, but I later discovered that Mr. HS had interpreted things differently. I was going along with it until Mr. CPP went off to a room to sleep, then a girl who I shall call Shrek went also. Mr. HS was getting a little too touchy-feely, so after thinking long and hard about what I ought to say or do, I blurted out that Mr. CPP and I had something going on, sort of. I then went into the room to talk to him. He was being pouty and stubborn but still playful, so I persisted in my attempts to get him to talk to me. Shrek, meanwhile, built up some rage and then burst out suddenly with some really snarky comment from nowhere. Shrek does not know me, nor does she know my history with Mr. CPP, so this outburst seemed completely unwarranted. I didn't respond and Mr. CPP didn't respond so I decided to leave. Leaving meant walking across the bridge and all the way home at 4:30am.

The next day I mentioned the situation to my roommate, who always has news of the town, which included a little anecdote which might explain just why Shrek was so bitchy. Apparently, Shrek wasn't just annoyed by the noise, apparently Shrek was staking a claim. After talking to Shrek's roommate, I was enlightened further. I learned the background to Shrek's desire to stake a claim on Mr. CPP, learned that some people love the drama, and learned that Shrek thought that I was just being a skank-whore. She thought she was in the right, I had no idea that she had any reason to be bitchy, and I am definitely planning on staying more in the loop on the Juneau grapevine or just staying out of the Juneau drama entirely. I think the first endeavor may be easier.

Friday night was nice though. Miss C and I went to the Rocky Horror party. I was dressed up as Magenta in the space suit. I didn't get any costume recognition, but I still had lots of fun. Mr. GJ was there with a whip and molest-ache, making really outraged comments about the sex-on-the-dance-floor nature of the high schoolers dancing. The dance party was fun, as well as the viewing of the film, though I didn't end up with a kit. I went home afterward.

Lately, I've had some of the old flings/exes try to make some grand re-entry into my life. I have literally been repulsed. I want nothing to do with them. I can barely see what I saw in them in the first place. Mr. A stopped by the office to ask about volunteering. Talk about awkward situations.

The first Stammtisch was kind of a flop. Mr. GJ and I were the only ones there. Mr. M showed up at 1am, a solid 2 hours after Mr. GJ and I had left. There will be another, and it will be better. For sure.

But, regardless of what is going on in terms of the Juneau Drama or failed events or ogres gettin' all up in my business... I am happy today. So so so happy. "Uncle" Ted Stevens has been convicted on all seven felony counts and my life has become a little easier.


Ashley said...

That has to be the best break ever. I glad they reached a verdict before the election.

Melissa Leeanne said...

Huge relief. It's not over yet though, people are stubborn and some would rather vote for a convicted felon than a democrat.