Thursday, October 16, 2008

My life =

My life =

Working - though today and yesterday and tomorrow we have had and will have a most amazing volunteer who we will hopefully HIRE because she is great.

Pretty much nothing but volunteer calls today and we scheduled so so so many GOTV shifts I was overwhelmed with counting.

What else have I been doing? MS FUCKING PAINT!

I have been compulsively uploading stupid MS Paint comics to my creative outlet site. They are kind of crappy in a really wonderful sort of way. They are sort of a little scandalous at times, sometimes the humor is dry, but if you know me and love me or if you bother to read this blog, you would probably find them amusing.

Melissa's Comics!

Tomorrow is Alaska day. Hip hip hooray. I am meeting up with Miss A, who has been gone for a while. We can stay out late because of Alaska Day!

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Myron Davis said...

I've read every comic, and I think they are great!