Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A morning off, well spent.

Today I woke up to a cold, cold room. My alarm went off and I hit the snooze button a time or two, as usual. After a few snooze button hits, I looked at the alarm clock which I don't use for an alarm (thankfully) and discovered it was off. I also discovered that the lamp would not turn on and that the room was cold and the space heater was not on. Must have messed something up by having them all plugged in to the one working and conveniently located outlet in my room. Crap.

The panic mode of a "power outage" which included only one outlet was good for me because it got me out of bed on time. I then got showered, primped, and dressed in time to make it to work on time.

When Mr. Boss walked in, he told me, "You didn't have to come in until 11 today." Uhhhh. What? I don't remember hearing this. "Can I have it in writing next time?"

Anyway, I determined that I should then leave the office until 11am, not wasting one of these rare opportunities to have time to myself. Upon stating that I'd be leaving, Mr. Boss asked what I'd do with the 1.75 hours anyway, to which I responded, "Uhhhhh, just fuckin' hang out." I didn't have to be in the office. That is glorious.

I went to Heritage and drank coffee while browsing the CCW. Then I walked up to the City Museum to check out the Bra-Dazzle gallery, to discover I had 15 minutes before its opening. I sat in the crisp fall morning with Siddhartha in my red wool coat. When the museum opened I was delighted to find that October is FREE thanks to donations by the friends of the museum (I may have to hit up the State Museum too if it is also free. I checked out the bra inspired art (raising money for Team Survivor, for women fighting or recovering or who have survived breast cancer) and the rest of the museum as well. I am feeling somewhat motivated to read a book on Alaska's history.

It was a lovely morning, plus I discovered that there will be a Rocky Horror Picture Show event! That was the start of the greatest morning in a while. The rest of the day from 11am on has been pretty normal, but the great morning makes that seem less mundane.

Tomorrow, Candidate is in town! That means that we will be doing less boring things. I also like Candidate, so it's always nice to get to chat with him for a few minutes when he gets the chance. We are doing some events and I am spending the morning making signs. The lame thing is that we have to clean up the office tonight, which means that I won't get out until way late. I also need to do some laundry and clean my own room, which I haven't done... Argh. No time!

*** Edit***

Afternoon sucks. Sometimes I am at peace with being a poor college grad on the verge of poverty, other times I friggin' wish I had studied something useful and that I didn't care that what I do is meaningful. I would probably also be better off if I didn't love booze and fashion so much. I would also be better off if I never ever opened a single credit card. Thanks Mom and Dad for dropping me financially my Sophomore year of college. I'm thanking you every day when I think about my shit situation.

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