Friday, October 3, 2008

Kittens? The Apocalypse? Huh?

I dreamed of kittens in a post-apocalyptic campaign office - Things in red netting like fruit or baby-bel cheeses. Once hesitant, lapping up my spilled milk, a kitten wraps itself around my foot.

I also recall being concerned that these adorable kittens were dangerous (rabid?) and my attempts to keep them at a distance only drew them nearer. My greatest concern, though, was showing up to work in the same clothes as the day before.

At least I don't wear tie-dye. Ahem.

Meanwhile, in real life:

Yesterday was Mr. L's last full day and night in town. After attending an interact meeting with Mr. E and completing an application to substitute teach (during my "interim) I met Mr. L for sushi. We had a great time, which makes me realize how much I'll miss him.

After work I met up with him and Mr. CPP at the Alaskan. Mr. L was here and there and disappearing constantly, but Mr. CPP and I stuck together through the night. It was a silly night full of drinks and teasing and whatnot. I also ran into Miss A's man. We discussed her being back in Tahoe for a couple weeks and he mentioned that Mr. MM would be back in town. I wasn't sure how I felt though. I tried not to think about it at the time.

Mr. CPP and I had our döner kebab and went up to my place to commence our movie date that didn't happen earlier in the week. It's not very efficient to begin a movie after bar close. It's already late and we both had to wake up early today for work. I've seen the start of Dead Alive twice now in the past week.

So, now I contemplate the return of the mountain man. Now Mr. MM has become more a fond memory than a man. He has shed his flaws, the memories of the times when things were less than good are less immediate than those memories of things being good. With his return, however long it may be, leaves me curious as to whether It's still there. At the same time, I was sad at the last parting and another would only be inevitable. Plus, how unattached am I at this very moment anyway? I'm certainly not attached, but am I unattached? Am I free to commence with any fling that strikes my fancy or do I owe a certain amount of respect to what may be beginning? Does he even plan to give me a call or is my memory only a faint one after these few months? Do kittens in post-apocalyptic worlds shed any light on this? Not to me. I suppose I just wait and see what materializes. While it is in my nature (as a woman?) to over-analyze - I'm going to try to live in the moment rather than getting lost in this tangle of old emotions and what-ifs.

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Myron Davis said...

On the subject of Kitten's look at Teriana's kitten picture:

As far as over-analyzing. It isn't unique to just you, I tend to WAY over-analyze stuff. It's terrible. Such is life.

I doubt a couple of months would dim his memory, or it shouldn't; if it does you don't want him anyway.