Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's been a couple decades...

Last night was 80's night hosted by the fashionable and sassy Miss B and Miss C. The music was hot, the 80's inspired fashion was hip, and the place was hoppin'. Well, mostly.

Miss A was dressed as one of the girls from the Addicted to Love video! There was teased hair! Bright colors! 80's themed shots!

Then there were the fishermen. Now, don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against fishermen. I've got nothing against rugged men and facial hair. I was, however, horribly offended by the smell. Imagine 5-10 rugged and hairy men (and a woman or two) who had probably not seen a shower in - oh - a couple of decades. When Cyndi Lauper was pumping out hits, these fisher-people, likely in their twenties, last showered. Maybe I'm exaggerating slightly. Point is, I had to leave my favorite bar because the smell of unwashed pits was overwhelming. I tipped Miss B and Miss C extra well for my share with a note referencing the toleration of natural odors.

The highlight of the night was, perhaps, the most outstanding rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody EVER PERFORMED by someone other than Freddy Mercury. A number of people, all friends of mine, generally included in the Rendez-crew, often included in this literary gem of a blog, were piled onto the stage with two mics and a whole lot of soul. We sang, we laughed, we cried, or at least we acted as though we were. It was very fun and quite the crowd pleaser.

The stakes for the election just got higher. My R friend Mr. E has come up with a wager. If my candidate(s) lose, I owe him three drinks. 2 for the main candidate, 1 for the other. If my candidate(s) win, he owes me three drinks. Same quantitative values. It could also end up something like... one of mine and one of his, depending on which one, somebody owes the other one drink. Cross your fingers, or if you are registered in Alaska, vote my way. But don't do it for me, do it for Alaska and for America.

Oh, and to make things more dramatic in man-land (the imaginary realm of my social life, starting now), Mr. A made an appearance. He had sent me a message apologizing for his sucking at being whatever it is he thought he was supposed to be, which I was ignoring at the time because I don't really know the best way to deal with the situation. He mentioned he sent it and sort of stood around me for a bit, undoubtedly hoping for a bit of attention. I was strong though, I stuck with the girlfriends and wished him well on his trip. No way am I going to remain entangled in this web of crappiness. Mr. CN made an appearance, recalling aloud that he owes me a phone call, promising the phone call for tonight (phone's not ringing...).

The thing that made my day today was that Mr. JA (formerly some other weird letters) invited me to hang out. The unfortunate thing is that I am going to have to pass. But again, the nice thing is that we have next Friday night for GERMAN NERD TIME!

Also good about today, Miss C and I went to breakfast at Costa's. That was important so I could tolerate 6 hours of canvassing straight. Yeah!

Oh, and canvassing today = awesome.

I was knocking on this door that said "Eingang" which is the german word for entrance. I decided to whip out the deutsch skills and started chatting up this guy in German. Turns out he is a big German nerd and though our political ideologies are not that similar, we had this in common. He literally gave me an 11 disc German "Immersion" set and asked that I call him if we have German nerd stuff. Cool guy. I bet he'll even vote for my candidate now because someone of such great character (me) says he is a great guy (which he is). The awesomeness does not stop there! Also amazing: Hot guys who bake cookies. Yes, that is right, lady-readers, in Juneau Alaska there exist two men in their mid-twenties who baked cookies and gave me one. Also, they are voting for my candidates. Was it love? Maybe.

And now I am going to go do laundry, try to clean up my room, and otherwise waste my Alaska Day Saturday night.


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