Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey, Mr. President!

So, we had a special conference call this afternoon. President Bill Clinton called! He thanked us for our hard work and urged us to keep working hard until all the numbers are in. Sound advice, Mr. President! Thank you for calling!

That got us pretty pumped up!

In other good news, I went to meet Mr. SR for a drink after work, but he had disappeared! Started drinking too early, I suppose. I had a celebratory drink anyway (GUILTY on all counts!) and then went home. I was then coerced into coming out again to hang out with Mr. CPP, who is doing his best to move back toward the top of my list of friends*.

I went home at bar close and Mr. CPP went home as well, but a couple minutes after we parted ways he gave in and wanted to hang out more. We sat in my living room doing absolutely nothing for an hour. We made fun of each other. He harangued me about my supposed thing with Mr. HS and I taunted him about Shrek. We stubbornly did nothing at all for a solid hour. Then made out. Then he went home and I went to bed. Not that it's a competition, but if it were, I'd say it's me 3, Shrek 1. I won't get into the separate "events" for the not-competition, but at least two should be weighted pretty heavily, including me being chill when Shrek was being a raging bitch.

I like how this post includes the two dominant aspects of my life; my professional life and my shit show personal life. The two really do not belong in the same blog... it's cool. I don't think I'll be running for office ever.

*My friends list AND apparently also the list of people I make out with, which I try to keep limited to one.

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Ashley said...

OMG, Bill. How exciting. Not exactly priceless advice, but definitely encouragement.