Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Final Countdown...

Da Da Daaaaah Dahh, dah dah dah dah dah...

11 days left. I can almost count it on my fingers.

Mr. Boss is on the verge of death. He's had a stomach flu for weeks and he has had a terrible headache all day.

The Taku winds and the rain are making life a little less than pleasant. I walk to work and by the time I had arrived I was soaked and my legs were starting to feel a little numb. I hadn't even dried by the time I went to get lunch, so I maintained the damp feeling all day. I'm only just now starting to feel warm and dry except for my feet and the bottoms of my pant legs, but soon it'll be time to brave the weather again to go home.

Today I, as a democrat, was called a communist bastard by someone on the dialer. Good ol' Matsu. I am pretty sure that me calling and asking a question civilly is no reason for name calling.

This week Big Dem C brought us chocolate chip cookies. Big Dem K brought us brownies. Dem N told me that when she is back from a trip, she'll bring in something baked and delicious. If all I eat for the next 11 days is cookies and brownies, I'm going to be horribly obese by election day. Oh, and I can't forget to mention that one of the attractive men from my recent canvassing adventure had given me a cookie. I ran into the two attractive men today, one of whom has signed on to knock doors for the Obama campaign. Good thing we are combining efforts... It is the other one though, who is the new love of my life - according to Miss P, he is an artist.

I am happy to have reverted back to silly crushes now that I don't have a real life. I am wont to return to the real dating scene. Maybe this is just the break I needed.

With so few days left, we spend a lot of our time recruiting volunteers. I am really thankful for the people who volunteer and I become fairly frustrated when people have the attitude that their one vote is all the effort they should put in. Imagine, with just an hour or two of phone calls, you can reach out to 40-50 voters who may have forgotten, who may need help, or who may need just a little push to get to the polls. I think it is hardest since I have dedicated so much time and energy toward this cause and some people have the nerve to tell me it is pointless, that if people are going to vote, they will find a way...

Remember to vote! Vote early! Volunteer! It really does make a difference!

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Myron Davis said...

vote early, and don't forget to VOTE OFTEN!