Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Day in the Life

I shall describe to you in great detail a day in the life, not so atypical, of a field organizer.

7:30am - Alarm goes off. Snooze button hit immediately.
7:40am - Alarm again. Snooze button again.
7:50am - Alarm yet again. Snooze again.
8:23am - Finally rolling out of bed, contemplating if there is time for a shower, considering a hat.
8:54am - Finally making it out of the house with not quite enough time to walk to work.
9:01am - Officially late, oh, ouch, and I just slipped and fell on my ass. Stupid shoes.
9:04am - Arrive at the office, unlock door because Mr. Boss is likely puking from stupid flu.
9:10am - Turn on computer to check e-mail, read dailies, and update facebook. And blog...
9:30am - Conference call where people talk too much about pointless things.
10:00am - Start dreading dialer.
10:30am - Dialer. Through 12:30pm. Open MS Paint.
12:30pm - Get off dialer. Breathe sigh of relief. Load list for vol calls. Call.
2:00pm - Go get something for lunch really fast. Eat at office. Grow concerned for heart health.
3:00pm - Welcome Teen Girl Squad. Find something for them to do. Block out giggling.
3:30pm - Keep calling even though nobody has been home all day.
4:00pm - Dialer again. Somehow we are always calling the angriest republicans.
4:05pm - Bye, Teen Girl Squad.
4:15pm - Dialer boring again, no new wall posts, webcomics all read.
4:30pm - MS Paint again.
6:00pm - Start to feel hungry. No choice but to keep calling. Long for outside world.
6:30pm - Vol calls again. Even our supporters don't want to talk to us.
7:30pm - Dialer again. Even angrier republicans.
8:42pm - Republicans starting to get really angry. Death threats.
9:02pm - Mr. Boss finally admits that it is 9:00pm and allows us to get off dialer.
9:05pm - Start tallying this and that and filling out google excel docs like mad.
9:30pm - Another conference call. Numbers. Numbers. Numbers.
9:48pm - Trying to get out of office. Man calls to complain about mystery mailer.
10:06pm - Googling directions to man's house to go see mystery mailer.
10:08pm - Hopping into sweet Taurus to drive very far away.
10:28pm - Driving through the valley.
10:36pm - Following google directions, we find ourselves miles out on a dark road.
10:42pm - Notice spotlights, fear for lives, turn back.
10:48pm - Ignoring google directions, turn on correct road. Still dark and scary.
10:54pm - Mr. Boss walks to mystery man's house to see mystery mailer, I wait in car.
10:56pm - Mr. Boss makes it out alive, so I don't have to call police.
11:38pm - Start watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall instead of going to bed.
1:21am - Finally get to bed, so I can do mostly the same thing again.

The Taku winds are back! That isn't exactly exciting. I hear people die. Okay, there is one story I've heard of people dying. One story of one person dying. Apparently, back in the 70's, a hanging sign from the overhang that covers the bulk of downtown sidewalks blew off its chains and hit some woman, killing her. I doubt there was even decapitation, which would make the story more exciting. Generally, the winds don't kill but they always make scary noises, blow really hard, and along with the rain cause me to be constantly wet to some degree. I got soaked walking to work this morning, but by the time I had gone to get some lunch, I still hadn't dried. My jeans were still damp.

Less than two weeks. Oh man. I don't even know whether to be happy or panicked. Maybe both.


Ashley said...

That is an extremely long day. I can't imagine doing more than one of those.

Myron Davis said...

There is a website called, it very accurately predicts who will win and as far as I know has never been wrong.

2 days ago it was at 63% chance of Begich, now it is at a 53% chance.

Wow it is close.