Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And, exhale...

I was waiting for every day since Mr. AT's departure to be the worst day of my life. 21 worst days in a row would be pretty ugly, but I was prepared. I have only 19 left to go, and so far none of the past days have been the worst of my life. If you want to hear about worst days, please check out the other contestants for that hangover story contest. Things are actually going pretty well with the campaign, despite a few bizarre moments here and there... We're getting in some solid volunteers, including the teen girl squad and a girl who apparated (too HP?) today, who is about my age who we are dying to recruit as our HD4 organizer.

Some office antics lately include more form our darling intern M who continues to throw out some comments from the gutter. Apparently everyone in our office aside from me watches The Office (US version) and while Intern M was drilling screws into some yard signs (it sounds dirty already!) he shouted, "It won't go in!" and after a pause quipped, "That's what she said!"

Apparently, our office has more than organizers, interns and volunteers though. Word on the street (or from Mr. Boss' mouth) is that we have a mouse. Upon hearing about this unwelcome guest, I expressed my distaste for the little bugger. My dislike of mice goes back to my days living at home with the 'rents, when every winter the mice would find a way into the home so they could keep warm and incidentally nibble holes in our food sacks, poop all over the place, and scurry out of mysterious places to scare people. The other day, Mr. Boss pointed toward our tree (is it a Ficus?) and alerted me to a mouse, which caused me to jump straight up and ask "Where?" in a voice a little too high pitched to bely calmness. That's when Mr. Boss started laughing at me. Oh, jolly times in the headquarters.

Maybe part of what is making my days not the worst days ever (aside from Mr. Boss being more than tolerable) is that I have had some mid-day distractions. Yesterday I went to Miss E and Mr. J's house to meet my "niece." As the oldest child in my family, I am happy to have no real nieces or nephews, but as one of my closest friends here in Juneau has just given birth to a most beautiful baby girl, I requested to be an honorary aunt. I hadn't seen Miss E since I had last dropped by her office, but I don't know if I even got in a hug before I had cuddled up to Baby O for some tender baby holding and bottle feeding. I caught up with mom and dad while doting on Baby O and when I noticed my uterus aflutter, I had to remind myself that it is to behave and not have any babies for a long, long time. When Miss E asked me if Baby O made me want one, I told her that I was glad she had one so I could just borrow her.

Today my distraction was an adventure in the Valley. I had an appointment to go get finger printed! First, I had to find the car. Mr. Boss told me it was on Gold up the hill. Problem with Juneau is, everywhere is a hill. I walked up 2nd to discover that I was at the low point and that either direction I turned was up-hill. Of course I chose the wrong hill to traverse at first. Once the car and I were in shape, I discovered I had to get gas. Getting gas for me is, still, a bit of an effort. Having spent most of my driving years in Oregon (where there are attendants who pump it for you) I sometimes have some troubles. This time was no different, since I didn't pay any mind to the location of the gas cap and had the car the wrong way with the hose being too short. I had already swiped my card and was panicking when I went to turn around and another car was driving... Luckily, I was able to turn the car without having someone fuel up at my expense - what would I have done? Best not to even think about how I would have reacted...

The finger printing itself was uneventful, I have all my fingers, they all have swirls on them, and I am apparently cooperative enough to get it all done the first time around. After that, I went to the Glacier Cafe (this time, not on the verge of puking) and saw a friend and got some lunch, half of which was meant to be delivered to the roommate. While making a turn out of the parking lot, I spilled 3/4 of my coffee and then went to deliver the lunch to my roommate who, luckily, works at another Heritage location. Coffee situation: FIXED.

Then, it is work as usual, but with good luck recruiting volunteers for GOTV. I had a couple interesting calls tonight which included profanities and some horrifying disclosures. If you clicked on the link I provided when mentioning 'bizarre moments' above, you have discovered a mild exaggeration of one of tonight's calls as well as my own web-comic site*. The only other call worth mentioning was one that started with a very sincere "fuck you" and included profanity regarding my candidate and some verbal back-patting for the opposite team. When the guy apologized for scaring me (how could I not proceed with a timid voice?) I accepted, but afterward muttered to myself that I was still scared because his choices were horrifying. Mr. Boss pointed out today that I don't tend to internalize my reactions to calls - I can frequently be heard commenting to myself or nobody at all after a call. In my defense, I tend to be witty...

*The exaggeration in the comic is the removal of the ear. I still have both. The rest - pretty much word for word.

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