Monday, September 15, 2008

A-town Down.

With the return of the purse, the trip to Anchorage was made possible.

Now, many people I know really like Anchorage. They talk about the many wonderful things about Anchorage. Things like nicer weather (at least in the summer), things like places to shop, things like roads leading out...

Maybe it is just that when I have been in Anchorage the weather has been the same, I haven't had a chance to shop, and I don't have the time or liberty to have a nice Sunday drive...

But Anchorage is an ugly, strip mall town with not much more to offer than Juneau aside from some strip clubs.

Speaking of Strip Clubs, I went to the Great Alaska Bush Co. on Saturday night. I was disappointed in the lack of a pole, the less than exciting choreography, and the fact that at least half the strippers showed the coochie before they even removed the top... I was told that the pole was unimportant and that nobody went for choreography, but still...

But for a more chronological overview:

Friday afternoon we flew from J-town to A-town, where we were picked up by the boss' boss, who was less lanky and awkward than I had expected. We almost immediately ended up going out to canvass in Eagle River, which was not that thrilling since it was raining and those of us who flew had only a 3 x 5 cm bag of pretzels for lunch. Once we returned from that and tallied the numbers we went to the Moose's Tooth for dinner and some beers, followed by Crossroads for the ultimate bitch-fest. We spent basically the entire night venting about our regionals, drinking, and getting to know all the other F.O.'s.

Saturday we started training and we spent hours learning about policy and methods and hearing about how important what we do is. It was good to hear. We had a conference call with Senator Tester (D Montana) and we heard from a lot of people who deal with strategy and policy on the campaign. After the training ended we went to a barbecue (and kegger) at the house of one such of these higher ups. We had the best meal we'd had in a long time and the best meal we'd have for a long time. We had lots of wine or beer and mixed and mingled with the actual campaign staff, our campaign staff, and other well known democrats. After this a group of us went to the B-Co, as mentioned above. A guy kept walking past me and every time he would touch my waist or something, and one time he actually rubbed my shoulders and made some comment along the lines of, "I've walked past you so many times, I thought I ought to pay you." Ummm, hello, not an employee, note the clothing... Mr. G bought Mr. A a lapdance. Mr. A spent at least half the time talking to the girl and looking rather uncomfortable. He came back talking about how she is from Sweden and believes in universal health care. Hilarious.

Sunday was the last day of training. We got to hear from the candidate and we spent a lot of time in our groups consisting of, generally, one representative from each region. We had representation from J-town, the Matsu, The Banks, The K-Pen, and A-town. Our group was hilarious and fun and we have named ourselves Team Falcon.

After training we went back to the A-Town office and all had to make calls before heading home. We got on the plane and ran into numerous Juneauites, also heading back from A-town. We finally got a cab back downtown after at least a half hour of waiting in the rain, then it was bedtime for me!

Now it is back to the way things were, only with even higher goals. Ouch.

50 days to having my life back. 50 days.

Then I can say, win or loss, that I worked on the most competitive senate race in the country.

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