Thursday, September 18, 2008

Remember when we used to sing...


I'm getting nostalgic for a month ago. For two months ago. For my last day off. I'm getting nostalgic for the last time I went out with my friends.

I've been way tired lately, partially due to an ailment, which got me out of the office long enough to go to the doctor so I wouldn't get so sick I couldn't come to the office.

I am currently incredibly amused by the antics of my male co-workers. Boys are silly. We are drinking Natty Ice. Waiting for the conference call.

My life is not really worth writing about right now. Why am I torturing you, my loyal reader(s) with this drivel. Damnit.

I guess I just wanted to state that I was still alive.

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Myron Davis said...

And we are all glad for it!