Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Man, what a taxing weekend.

Between drinking, making an ass of myself, poor decision-making, making new friends, and hiking... I had a very long weekend with some highs and lows.

Thankfully 22 year-olds are still expected to be dumb.

Friday I went out with the co-workers after a long night in the office. We went to the Imperial which always bodes ill for me.

Saturday was Miss J and Miss T's 70's Funk Party, which was kind of a hit, though the biggest hit of the night was a tie between Miss J's costume and Mr. H's cake that looked like funky platform shoes.

Sunday was another day at work, as all the other days were, but I actually relaxed that night.

Monday I had off. Days off are rare in this field and will become increasingly more so. I slept in until nearly noon and woke up to rain. I called my new friend Miss M and we decided we were going to brave a trail despite the weather. We were almost out of breath by the time we got to the Mt. Roberts 6th Street trailhead, but we tread on. We hiked as far as the tram and evaluated the time, distance left to the peak, and our speed. We decided to take the alpine loop (which had some nice views but was packed with tourists) and grab a bite at the Tram restaurant before hiking back down. We were sopping wet, muddy, and covered in bits of pine needles but we were served anyway. We sat on the mats. When we made it back down, we found ourselves at a different trailhead but I recognized the Flume trail and took us on that. I managed to pass the Cope Park trail and we ended up on 12th street, then wandering down stairs and random streets until we happened upon an area we knew. We then went back to Miss M's place and watched cartoons and college football while our clothing dried and we ate pizza. Great day off, overall. I then went to bed early, dreading the inevitable soreness of my legs.

We didn't have to canvass today, I was fine.

We called North Pole, Alaska today. We listened to Christmas music.

Today is Mr. Z's last night in town, I'm headed to the 'Vous to say goodbye and have a bit of fun.

Also, I seriously thought that at some point I would wake up and discover that this whole Sarah Palin as Veep pick was a horrible dream. Either I haven't woken up or the Republican party is stupid. I guess I know what the answer is...


Myron Davis said...

I like the Mt. Roberts run, how much snow is up there still?

Melissa Leeanne said...

We didn't make it to the peak, we started pretty late (it was a chance for me to sleep in) and only made it about 2.5 miles up before turning around. There wasn't any snow where we were. It was a nice hike though! We'll peak it later, I think.