Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is wondering what 23 will bring.

23 years of life.

What are the highlights?

I was born on September 8th, 1985 at 6:05 am in the Kaiser Permanente hospital in Hayward, California. My mom, biological father and I lived in an apartment in Oakland, California where the rats ate my baby blankets crocheted by my grandma.

I spent most of my first 12 years living in the East Bay, attending East Avenue Elementary. I was chubby, nerdy, and wore overly large glasses for most of those years. I didn't have that many friends, which my stepdad likes to point out sometimes. Mostly I spent my days with my nose in a book or drawing for hours on end.

My sister, often referred to as Schwesterlein, was born when I was almost 2. She and I used to fight a ton, but these days we get along much better. We used to play together a lot, we usually got stuck with shared birthday parties and we always shared a room until I went to college.

My mom and biological father divorced when I was probably around three or four. My mom married my stepdad when I was seven, but they started dating before that. My sister Chele was born not long after they got married. About 9 months after, actually.

We moved to Oregon two weeks before my 12th birthday. The first day of school was also my 12th birthday and I made a new best friend that day. She moved 6 months later.

There is pretty much the first half of my life. It included a trip to Disneyland, moodiness, and finally getting contact lenses.

More on my history tomorrow, maybe. Or maybe the day after.

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