Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Drei un zwanzig Jahre sind vorbei...

It's official now: I've survived twenty three years, plus the celebration of reaching that 23rd year, plus more grueling hours of field organizing.

The weekend before my birthday was nice. No big deal. Stayed in one night. Went out another night. Got my hair cut. Went to Rock the vote, which had great music (mostly) but a disappointing turn-out.

The day of my birthday was pretty nice. Miss T took me out to Sushi and got me a really pretty pair of earrings. It was nice to take a long lunch and spend some time with someone other than the co-workers, as much as I may like them. After work, which I left somewhat early, I went to dinner with Miss J, Miss B, and Miss C, to be joined later by Miss L and Mr. L, Mr. C remained distant - probably because we are consistently awkward. Miss A was our waitress and another Miss T was our bartender. This last bit of information was only relevant when Mr. L bought me a blow job shot. I thought the novelty shots were for 21st birthdays and bridal showers...

We went to the 'Vous after dinner and I found myself surrounded by friends and turning down alcohol because everyone was generously buying me shots. I had such lovely drinks as Kamikazes and Sex with an Alligator and some Whiskey with Miss K. The boys came out as well, but I think I was the only one who was really running around being social and tipsy. On our way home, Miss J, Mr. H and I ran into a fat-lipped Mr. K who had apparently been the victim of a random act of violence. Some drunk guy had just walked up to him and punched him and Mr. K had him pinned down and called the cops. We missed all the action but did get to see the splatters of bright red blood on the sidewalk.

The day after my birthday was a day of working a full day and then relaxing at home once I got there. I watched part of the sequel to Underworld, though I hadn't seen the first one at all.

Today I had lunch with Miss A. We chatted about stuff and had a good time. Mr. D had often tried to introduce us, but we have this habit of missing each other. I can think of at least three occasions when we nearly crossed paths or enjoyed an event together but due to timing or other phenomena things didn't actually work out that way.

I also went to a NOW meeting which focused on domestic violence and sex crimes. The talk was really informational and really made me think. It made me think about the situations of domestic violence or non-consensual sex that are never reported by the victims. Instances when the victims feel guilty, ashamed, embarrassed. I know there are so many women dealing with this and I am disappointed in a society which causes these feelings to well up in the minds of women. Tomorrow I'll be attending a meeting regarding the planned parenthood that is opening here. I get to attend these meetings because I have a vagina. Otherwise I'd be working through them. Sarah Palin is anti-abortion, even in the instances of rape or incest. How awful is that? Do we really want a woman who doesn't believe in women's rights to have so much power in our country? NO. Having a woman like Sarah Palin in office will only continue to oppress women, continue to leave women feeling like they have no options, like violence against them is deserved or at least unavoidable. She will be filling the cracks in that glass ceiling, not shattering it completely.

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