Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't fail me now, oh shit, you did.

So, the economy is broken.

My bank went under.

Prices are sky rocketing.

Good thing I am pretty accustomed to life on the edge of poverty.

In the office we were comparing our depression to the great depression.

Oh shit.

They had a war to get them out. We are already at war. That won't work.

The new 'New Deal'? The Newer Deal? The 'Oh Shit' plan according to Mr. Boss.

We've contemplated leaving the country.

We've talked about growing our own vegetables in our existing potted plants.

I might go buy a giant bag of rice. Half the world lives on that shit, I could too.

We will probably have to start drinking moonshine.

In November, after the election, what shall I do?

I just hope that we (the US) feel a little more inclined toward big government (like after the great depression) and a little less inclined toward big business, which has failed us.


Myron Davis said...

Seriously your bank went under?

Prices are sky rocketing because of rapid inflation.... from bad economic policies.

It is very exciting to be living in a time with lots of interesting stuff going on!

Melissa Leeanne said...

That is the most optimistic comment I have ever seen in the face of a depression.