Monday, September 22, 2008

Coming to terms:

Today, a local celebrity commented that she had discovered my blog. She also mentioned that she had never understood blogging, so I tried to explain to her that it was how I kept in touch with friends. It's not only that though, it is my way of being an exhibitionist. She has the talent to get on a stage and belt out brilliant song after brilliant song, looking wonderful and working the crowd. I have... a blog. A blog that very few people probably read, but it is my way of showing off. I think that my life is fairly interesting (sometimes) and even when it is not interesting, I can at least put the mundane details of my life into some nice words. So, to my crowd, when nobody is looking, applaud. Pretend I've done something magnificent. Maybe I'll feel the breeze from hands clapping someday when I'm feeling dull and unimportant.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a student at UAS who will be helping me with the young dems club on campus. I made the mistake of trying to joke around on gchat with someone who is unfamiliar with my sense of humor. I think he thinks I'm neurotic.

I've been working a bunch still, though we get the occasional morning off now, apparently. Tomorrow would mark the first of those, but I was informed that due to my tardiness on Friday, I'd be coming in at the normal time.

Thursday night, after consuming cheap beer in the office, we went out to the bars. I managed to consume more alcohol than I really should have, especially considering the antibiotics I'm taking. There was no special occasion, it was just a fun night. Mr. E is back in town and we managed to take a few shots together. Then I stumbled home, went to bed, and awoke to my alarm, far enough away that I could ignore it. I slept late, went to the office around 10:30, around the time the big boss showed up apparently. At noon, right after chatting with a vol, I went to the office bathroom and puked. Talk about class.

Lesson learned.

Friday night we went and saw The Government Inspector, which was fantastic, and then I went and had soup and watched The Whitest Kids You Know clips with the boys. Then I went home. I had vowed not to drink with the antibiotics.

Saturday was Miss S's big going away party. It was a real crazy time. I was sober, though I did partake of a shot or two (research shows two would be okay). I danced, had fun dressed as a pirate wench, and as the night wore on and people got drunker, I ended up exercising my maternal instincts, tending to Miss S as she expelled the alcohol she had consumed. Poor girl, went out with a bang.

Sunday I showed up to work, grabbed my canvassing packet and went to breakfast with Miss S and co. for the last goodbye before the airport drop off. We couldn't fit the party at the Piper so we went to Henry's in the valley. I had been concerned about my timing for work, but said "fuck it" a number of times in deciding to go to breakfast in the first place and then deciding it would be okay to trek out to the valley. I had Mr. EE drop me off around 2 mile in North Douglas, where I zig-zagged from house to house gathering contacts. I pet at least 5 dogs and a cat. Made it back to the office and all was well.

I'm pretty excited for my birthday party this weekend. I hadn't wanted to put it off until three weeks after my actual birthday, but alas, timing wouldn't have it any other way. Between the anchorage trip, people being gone, and other events it got put off until this weekend. I am glad it wasn't this past weekend though, due to the antibiotics thing. By the time of my party, I can go as crazy as I want. I have to do some planning with Miss D, but it sounds like Miss T may have a red carpet (wow) and she has even offered to bake a cake! I have invited pretty much everyone worth inviting, I think, so I hope it turns out well!

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