Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekends make me happy.

Even though I work EVERY DAY I still enjoy weekends.

Well, Friday was technically a day off, though we still worked for about 4 hours. We also managed to go to Sandy Beach to walk around aimlessly on the sand, enjoying the bit of Vitamin D (in the form of SUNSHINE) Juneau provided us. Delivering road signs wasn't bad though, especially since it aided us in developing a new theory on in political identification.

American flag kitsch = republican. Also, Miller Light.

Pot smoke = democrat.

We also complained for a long time about how we let the Republican party claim both the flag and God. We, however, argue that Jesus would totally have been a democrat.

Deering and Down played during the weekend, so of course I found myself spending a great deal of time at the Alaskan. Enjoyed the company of the guys from work and also managed to enjoy a fancy assortment of appetizers at Zephyr with Miss C.

Nothing particularly exciting or out of the ordinary really occurred in the Juneau scene. Guess there is nothing to report.

Today was the Juneau Dems' picnic, with many candidates and activists in attendance. We volunteered to help out, setting up, manning tables, and overseeing the happenings. You can tell that I am or have been (1) a bartender, (2) an event planner, and (3) some sort of leader in a group. I also managed to meet the man I am working to put in office, talk with a lot of people, and get a lot of mosquito bites. We ended up taking a lot of the leftovers back to the office - feed the poor field organizers - please! If we had a shower at the office, we might not ever leave.

It seems sort of weird to me that I am enjoying life so much, yet I have been working ridiculous hours and doing very little which seems exciting. I guess it is just a sign that I actually kind of like my job. Which is awesome. It took me a long time to get my foot in the door, but now it is here and I'll sidle the rest of the way in at any time.

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Myron Davis said...

It is pretty exciting... this is exactly the kind of job I see you doing.