Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My 100th Post!

So, you would think I'd want my 100th post to be special, but I may just ramble for a moment about music, politics, and getting a sunburn. Actually, that is pretty worth posting about.

Last night I saw Deering and Down perform AGAIN, since the weekend of the 4th of July, I've seen every show they've played. I'm a live music junkie.

Tonight I'm going to see Brooke and the North Douglas Folkin' A's for their last performance of the summer before the lovely Miss B heads back to that soul-killing town of Los Angeles.

In the world of politics, we did lots of canvassing today and lots of calling as well. Had a few meetings but mostly spent the entire day outside. Today, canvassing and community day was fantastic. It was sunny and hot enough that Mr. AP and I went to our respective homes to change into summer clothes at some point.

I got a sunburn! Actually, that's not happy news, but it does clarify just how nice the weather was today.

Other interesting or disturbing experiences today include:

One girl (currently unregistered) saying she'd be voting for VIC VICKERS. Which is absolutely impossible because the deadline to register in time to vote in the primary is way past and there is no way Vic Vickers will make it to the general election.

One door I knocked on had someone call out, "Come in." I cracked the door and leaned in to see a morbidly obese man in sweats with his hands in the waistband of his pants. Ted Stevens supporter. All of it horrifying.

The other interesting moment occurred when I was walking down a flight of stairs (considered a "street" in Juneau) and happened upon a house on my canvass list. The current resident was obviously not the listed resident(s) so I figured I'd two-dub him and ask who he did support. When the much treasured answer, "Not Stevens" was uttered, we got into a bit of a discussion which led to his agreement to sign my supporter list. When he got to the phone number slot he asked, "Will you be calling me?" and I responded that "We don't usually call numbers from these lists." and he came back with the flirtatious, "No, will you be calling me?" and I told him that I "don't call people. I'm anti-people right now." Overall, very nice guy, but I am not out to make dates while I'm canvassing.

GOTV is seriously killing everyone's social lives right now. We're in the office from 9am-ish until 10pm-ish every day. We also just learned that the boss-man actually added shifts to our GOTV schedule. Oy vey.

Quote of the day: From the Big Boss: "Keep up the amazing work and keep kicking the shit out of the goat fucker because that's what we need you guys to do."

Campaigning is so professional.


Myron Davis said...

And I have read every post of the 100 posts!

Melissa Leeanne said...

You are my only and greatest fan! Okay, I think a few other people read out of pity... I read yours too. When you post, that is.