Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just one of the guys.

On the shared calendar, the top of August 11th read, "THE NEW GIRL STARTS!!" and I did, I joined the staff of three 22-23 year old guys in the Begich campaign headquarters. This week I have spent at least 60 hours with these guys, but I'm pretty positive it's been more. That's fine though, because they are pretty awesome.

One of them, another Mr. C, reminds me so much of one of my best friends from high school that I have on at least 3 occasions called him by the high school friend's name. Oops. It doesn't help that the high school friend shares a name with one of the other guys.

Mr. A is another one, who will sadly be leaving to Ketchikan in a couple weeks.

Both these two are from New York and I've spent the most time working closely with them.

The third, the regional director and another Mr. C - see how confusing this gets - is from Kentucky and is also quite nice, though completely strange in the sense that he is so liberal but also so... whitebread American. It baffles me at times.

Some highlights from our adventures include:

2 dinners cooked
2 cases of Natty Ice consumed
1 family sized pizza
4 shots with a rubber bracelet to knock the beer can off my head
3 times I've hit Mr. Boss C with the rubber bracelet
1 karaoke attempt

...and numerous coffee breaks, lunch breaks, and random adventures in campaigning.

Today I canvassed for 4 hours in the rain. It was not that bad, overall, and it was a pretty decent workout.

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