Sunday, August 24, 2008

Halfway from a full moon.

I just consulted a lunar calendar. Because I was convinced that this weekend could only have existed in tandem with a full moon. Or some other lunar rarity. Maybe it wasn't the moon at all, but the way the stars were aligned. Very strangely, I'd guess.

In parallel universe weekend, I found myself assaulted with seemingly normal but definitely off-kilter situations. Formerly platonic male friends were making advances, formerly flirtatious male friends were sending very mixed signals, and former lovers were nowhere to be found - the last is not a bad thing, I suppose. I was at the Imperial and the Viking instead of the Alaskan and the Rendezvous. I was wearing jeans and a tee with my hair in a ponytail instead of wearing a dress and being done up. I also walked myself home alone and went to bed wondering why the night had been so strange.

Saturday night was strange as well, mostly because a formerly packed event - KY Jelly Wrestling at the 'Vous - was strangely unpopulated, another night of cover-charge at the Alaskan, and despite being surrounded by people I didn't really feel connected to any. I sometimes make life harder on myself and got stuck in a conversation with a particular bouncer with whom I had no particular interest in conversing, I just didn't want to pay cover. Turns out it was late enough in the night that nobody was getting stuck paying anymore. The Great Alaska Bluegrass Band played one more song while I was inside. I sat with Miss J (whom I have drunkenly combined with another of the same age) and Miss L, who once interviewed me for a position. I am going to have a lunch meeting with Miss L. After the band quit playing I left with these two and associated others, accepting an offer for a ride (on Miss J's lap) up the hill. How many people can you fit in a Subaru station wagon? I think we had... seven or eight. Not bad.

In another uncharacteristic move, I stayed in and read a book and played Oregon Trail on my cell phone Sunday night. Miss J must have thought I had gone out because she texted me to be quiet when I got home since Miss T would be crashing on our couch. I got this when I woke up this morning after at least eight or nine hours of sleep. More than I had gotten in a long time. Sunday wasn't dull though. I went to Miss E's baby shower, but not before going to Wal*Mart to get a gift from her registry. This is probably the second time I had entered the store since its controversial opening here in Juneau. Once I had been directed to the registry computer, I found Miss E's registry and hit the print button. "This registry contains approximately 6 pages." Now, it's not that I am some genius or something, but shouldn't a computer know EXACTLY how many pages it would be printing? I then expected five and a half pages or something like that. Five pages printed. No more. On the phone with Schwesterlein, I told her, "Even the computers at Wal*Mart are stupid!" After snagging the gifts and a gift bag for Miss E, I ran to the nearest checkout and was disappointed but unsurprised when the clerk attempted to put the largest item in after she had placed the two smaller items in the bag, having not the foresight to put in the largest item first. Then when I asked for a gift receipt she looked as though I had asked her to prove some complex mathematical procedure and suggested I go to customer service. I didn't bother. Thanks Wal*Mart, see you the next time someone needs a breast pump...

This weekend and today has been part of GOTV, which meant staying in even later last week and this weekend having two of my three co-workers out of town, while Mr. Boss and I run the office and keep track of volunteers on our own. Saturday was a great turn out, Sunday was somewhat lacking, and hopefully this evening will be good. Tomorrow is the Primary. Honestly, it's been far more relaxed this weekend, despite the big push. There isn't so much stress on us doing everything because we have volunteers to help with a lot. Tonight I doubt I'll have to make a phone call at all, which is good since I have basically no voice. I've been popping Halls honey-lemon lozenges like they were speed and I needed it oh-so-badly. So far I've seen no noticeable improvement. Miss N, whom I met at the ADC was telling me about the same miracle product, optibiotica, that Miss N from my old job had been telling me about. Looks like I need to get my hands on this cure-all.

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