Friday, August 22, 2008

The good times are killing me.

I mean to stay home sometimes, maybe read some, maybe watch a movie, maybe go to bed early... it rarely happens.

Last night I went home and was relieved that I had gotten home before 10pm and that I had nothing planned. Then Miss LS called and dropped by. When I found out she was playing at open mic at the Alaskan I decided to head down there. That's when I ran into everyone else I knew.

I managed to:

(1) Get us a table at a Rock the Vote event on September 6th. You should attend.

(2) Concoct a brilliant idea for volunteer recruitment with lasting benefits for the Juneau Dems, Young Dems, and UAS (assuming all works out as planned).

(3) Set up a lunch meeting with Mr. R, one of my former co-workers. We definitely talked about the important issues but also talked about what we've been up to since I jumped ship.

Today it was just me and the boss at the office. It was ridiculously quiet but we were pretty productive. I get to go home as soon as I enter these numbers... so I'm going to get on that.

Plans for the weekend?

Birthday party for Miss S and the Hardcore House & KY Wrestling at the 'Vous. I won't be participating, merely observing and trying to avoid getting splashed with personal lubricant.

P.S. That is a Modest Mouse reference.

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Myron Davis said...

I've noticed in Juneau.. stuff is always going on. It is hard NOT to be busy.