Monday, August 4, 2008

The End, or is it? Part III: Goodbye, 3am wakeups!

Remember how I said my boss was awesome and that he wouldn't even require 2 weeks notice of me?

Remember how I said I was applying to a new job?

I got it. I've got two more 3am wakeups to go, then I will have to be at the office at, and I quote, "Nine A.M. promptly."

I open the bar before I start this job, how absurd is that? I could go and drink an alcoholic beverage at the 'Vous before I go to work. I could overthrow a small country before I go to work. I could at least go to the gym instead of being a bum and I could probably manage to eat a healthy breakfast rather than munching on chewy granola bars and drinking drip coffee.

I figure a week is enough time to finish my projects. All I have to do is actually, you know, work. Everyone is impressed with my work so far, but I'm afraid this week will ruin my once perfect persona because they may realize that I am capable of so much more, reminding them that I had them fooled all along, thinking it took a day to do some data entry - oops. I really can't often do it much faster though, the toll it takes on my wakefulness and my brain is intense. It is almost as though the jobs which require so little brain will attempt to deteriorate your brain to only the level required to complete such menial tasks.

Anyway, I start the new job on Monday and I couldn't be more excited! I feel like everything in life is fresh and new after this weekend and its events!

Oh, and I would like to thank Miss E, current president of my old sorority, my old sorority, and the wonders of social networking. Were it not for the following chain of events, I would not have this job!

I received an e-mail from Miss E, who received a mass e-mail from a sorority sister at another school, who was informing people of a job for which her sister was hiring. In Alaska. In my field. A job I would not have otherwise heard of. So, for those of you doubting the effectiveness of social networking, the worth of Greek connections, or any such nonsense like that - here is your proof that it is for the best!

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