Monday, August 4, 2008

The end, or is it? Part II: The Fall of an Empire?

Imperialism of the heart. No good.

So, everyone is familiar of the ups and downs of my love life, including the ups and downs with a certain Mr. A.

Friday night I was hanging out with Miss A and having a great time. We were sipping on drinks and catching up after nearly a month apart. Midway through a conversation with Mr. L, who taps on my shoulder, but Mr. A.

For some bizarre reason I was suddenly repelled. I wanted nothing to do with him. He didn't make himself any more appealing when he managed to insult pretty much everyone in my company. After a couple shots of Jameson on top of my grapefruit-madras drinks we got the hell out of there. I went to bed once I got home and when I awoke in the morning (late) I discovered a missed call, a voice message, and a text. All along the lines of, "Where did you go? You disappeared! Call me." and all inciting an adverse reaction within me.

The spell was broken.

Many thoughts went through my mind, including such witty retorts as "You'd have noticed my leaving were you not so busy insulting all of my friends." I settled for the classless yet effective "SMS Text Break-up" and I must say, I am as good at writing break-up texts as I am at writing resignation letters. Which I've been doing a lot in the past 6 months...

I left the option of talking it out, but asserted that I was unlikely to change my mind. Much to my surprise, he apparently cares enough to want to talk it out and he even apologized. We haven't talked it out yet and I don't know when we will, as he is once again out of town... but I suppose it'll be good for us to finally communicate. I'm holding steady though, I will not be swayed by empty promises or well crafted and lyrical apologies! It's been a rocky 6 months or so and I am so over it. The best either of us can hope for is some closure, finally.

Part of the reason I am so sure of this decision, even after an apology and a request to work thins out, is that our communication is no better and he is no better at calling when he says he will. Expecting a call at 8:30, I'm glad I didn't wait around because I got a text at 9:20.

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