Friday, August 29, 2008

Are we looking at another capital move push?

Someone had better tell Governor Palin that we can't move the nation's capital to Wasilla.

Also, that means my new claim to fame is that the Republican Vice Presidential candidate likes my hair.

Another big day, another big change on the campaign.


Looks like Obama's not winning Alaska though.


Myron Davis said...

It is interesting. I really like Sarah, she is very popular because she has done SO well against corruption and she really does try hard.

She is honest and a good person and is not a power hungry person. She has just had this thrust on her. I was watching TV when she won the republican nomination for governor. She thought it was a joke when they told her the results.

I know a lot of people in Alaska haven't been happy with the national republican policy and for example my uncle was going to for the first time ever not vote republican because of McCain.

I'm betting he (and many others on the fence) are going to switch and vote republican now, NOT because they like McCain but to vote for support of Sarah.

I don't think McCain is very honest and generally a great person from what I have seen about putting away his wife and stuff but... Sarah is a good person from what I've seen.

All in all... I'm just amazed because Sarah dug deep into government to root out corruption in the party and McCain does not seem nearly as upright and honest as a person as Sarah is.

go figure.

I wonder what is going to happen.

Myron Davis said...

Also... if we can't move the Alaska capital to Wasilla. I'd certainly vote to move the Nation's capital to Wasilla. Then they would have all of the politics they could EVER want :)