Monday, July 21, 2008

Um, what?

Saturday my body was perhaps saturated with caffeine and alcohol through out the day. I bought caffeinated mints and popped those whenever I was feeling even slightly sleepy, I think I had about 3 of them and that is the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee. I worked both the bartending and retail gig, with that nice two hour computer death break in between. Once I got off work, Miss C met me downtown for sushi and then going out. We had a drink at the AK and then went up to Mr. L's hotel room for his birthday celebration. One of the last pony kegs of AK Raspberry Wheat, mmmm.

The party picked up as the night went on, but Miss C didn't know the people as I did and Deering & Down was playing at the 'Vous. We decided to head there and have some more drinks. We did lots of dancing and drinking, the drinking probably became an even bigger deal when Miss C's ex happened to appear with some blonde. We got properly tipsy and went to the AK for some dancing to Slow Gun Runner as well. After bar close we stopped at the food stand and then went back to my place to sleep it all off.

Some minor complications of the night? Perhaps? As you know from my history, this night could not have gone so smoothly (even with the appearance of the infamous ex already listed it has to be worse). So nobody is disappointed, I will admit that it did not go this smoothly. While dancing at the AK with an acquaintance of mine, the dancing got a little... scandalous. He also tried to kiss me. Twice. I pulled away more because I dislike PDA, especially with someone who interviewed me for a position around, not so much for any other real reasons. I also had a situation in which a guy with whom I flirt on pretty much any occasion we are hanging out followed me home. Not in a creepy sort of way, but suggesting that he thought maybe something was going to happen when it was actually in no way going to happen - at least not at this time or in this way. I really need to get my love life straightened out... Seriously. I also need to re-evaluate the way I evaluate potential suitors or whatever they wish to be, liking someone in general is not the same as being enamored with a person, maybe I should only allow myself to become involved with guys who give me butterflies in my stomach and gelatinous knees...

Sunday I was up and around to go help make and serve brunch at the Glory Hole. Another Rotaractor and I helped some Rotarians make pancakes, ham, and eggs to serve. It was actually pretty fun and definitely a reasonable way to spend a morning. I saw some of my customers from the 'Vous there... That is kind of awkward because the concept of these people being at a homeless shelter, whether to live or just to eat, then spending cash on alcohol at a bar - that's depressing and disappointing. Possibly because they had just fallen on hard times or possibly because I witnessed them getting a free meal, non of these customers graced the 'Vous Sunday afternoon.

Between the Glory Hole and working at the 'Vous, I had a couple Bloody Marys and some conversation with Miss J and Miss B. It got me wondering whether being charter president of Rotaract had made me feel alienated or if it was something real. I was happy to have received an invitation to attend the little get-together, I wouldn't have invited myself. I think though, that since I do really like both these girls, maybe I should pursue friendship despite feeling mildly alienated from the club in general.

Now I'm at work again and I am TIRED. I also don't feel 100% well and I don't know if this coffee is going to help that matter.

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