Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today? Not my day...

Actually, the day started off fine. I got up and got ready for work at the 'Vous, looking cute and full of energy thanks to caffeinated mints. Mmm. I had a fine day at work which included seeing my own personal regular (he comes to see me once a week) and having some nice people in. It was productive if nothing else though, lots of stocking liquour and beer for Deering & Down's performance tonight. Looking forward to that. Not looking forward to having to work another 3-4 hours for a total of 9-10 hours worked in a day. That means that 6 days a week I work 9-11 hours a day. Not that great.

Yesterday I managed to have an 81 year old man fall in love with me. His parting words were, literally, "I love you." He also invited me to attend a cross country road trip with him and while playing his $100 worth of $0.10 pull-tabs (that's ONE=THOUSAND pull-tabs) he said he wanted to win big to take me out to dinner... A little nutty, but I'm getting used to old men falling in love with me at this job.

Yesterday afternoon I shopped again, oops. I also took a nap! I ended up going to a house party in the valley with Miss P and Miss L in the evening, I was classy and drinking sparkling strawberry wine, which cost me a whopping $7.00. I drank half of it and then headed downtown with another downtowner because I didn't want to be concerned with paying for a cab to get home in the morning for work. It was a pretty chill party, especially since I only knew a handful of the dozen people. Miss P and I went to some bars once we got downtown. We made an appearance at the Alaskan and danced a bit at the Imperial. I meant to get the heck out of there before bar close hit, but I barely made it out a half hour before since Miss P and I got into a pretty deep discussion.

Oh, so, today not being my day? When I hit 'empty recycle bin' on my 5 year old laptop it decided that instead of doing that it should turn everything weird colors and display this flashing madras pattern which dissipated to a black screen with 4 horizontal, white lines. It died. Then I went to the librizzle (where I am now) and when I went to check my mail for some important information, it looks like hotmail deleted all but the 5 most recent messages in my inbox. Is that illegal? I mean, seriously... WTF. So, I did manage to remember enough to pay my most important bills. but that does not mean that I did not get pretty riled up. I mean, internally. I don't outwardly show this stuff.

I'm pretty calm, considering the mid-afternoon drama. Especially since I have no extra cash lying around to replace the ol' lappy. I am STILL waiting on some government checks (the rest of my refund and my stimulus check) since my mom's tax guy was an idiot and claimed me as a friggin' dependent on her taxes. It didn't benefit her and it certainly fucked me over, but they are apparently still processing the amendment, which means that I may not get my money until August... or later, who knows. The government is lame.

I'm going to go sell clothing to tourists now, it'll be brilliant. I'll have the place to myself from 5-8 most likely, which would be great except I don't have the option of just screwing around, I actually have to run around refolding sweaters. There are really only so many times you can refold one sweater...

So, excited to go dancing tonight, otherwise, life is the usual mess of ups and downs. Blah.

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