Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sometimes I am so inappropriate...

Are you friends with me on facebook? Try checking out graffiti I've drawn. You will get a wonderful or terrible surprise, depending on your reaction to humor related to death and prostitution.

So, I'm in the present again. It's more frustrating than anything else because I have this terrible urge to give a rather fantastic speech to someone. It isn't so much fantastic as witty yet emo. It has to wait at least one more day however, because such speeches are probably less welcome on people's birthdays than they are on other days, and on other days I don't think they are favorites.

I am at work again today and have almost nothing to do. I am going to, soon, install the new filing system in an office in the next building over. I'm letting my iPod mini charge fully. Now, you may have noticed how I make it a point to declare my iPod Mini 1G - that's a first generation, my dears, and I want you to know that it is because I am somewhat proud of the ghetto technology I own. While it may have been top 'o' the line when I bought the darling green thing, it is now about 4 years into obsolescence. Ah, technology and its hare pace. I sometimes dream of iPhones, but probably won't get one until there is some new iAssistant, or something. Not until there are miniature apple-shiny-white robots (think Winslow?) who make calls, play music, and walk your dog for you.

I hope more than Miss S will have gotten my possibly obscure webcomix reference. Nerdin' out on the net, hollerrrrrr!

Aforementioned graffiti: My blog just got to be rated R or NC-17 or something...

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