Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My boss is awesome...

I sent my boss an e-mail yesterday confessing to looking for another job.

My reasons are numerous:
I need healthcare.
I need better hours.
I need a commute that isn't 3.5 hours a day.
I need a stepping stone for future careers.
I don't sleep enough.
I am eating poorly (read GETTING FAT!).
I am working too much.
I am worn out and stressed out.

We met today and talked about it and he basically said that he understands fully, that he understands and would not be upset if I didn't even put in two weeks notice, and he said that I can list him as a reference if I would like. Wow.

I've been applying to jobs in politics and the non-profit sector. I've definitely learned a lot from working at a mine, but it just isn't going to get me where I want to go or take care of me the way I need it.

I have been looking in Juneau, Portland, Central Oregon (für die Schwestern), and nationwide. We're talking NYC, DC, or just plain all over the place and temporary. Campaign jobs are still hiring, and while they are in no way permanent positions, they are shoe-in type jobs. Once you get your start, you are set to work on other campaigns, as staffers, set to hold minor offices, party chairs, etc.

I have decided that I can't let myself get too settled (despite having a biggish bed, a loveseat, and a shelf in my room now) and that I need to look at jobs that will:
Set me up for a career that I want.
Be stimulating and challenging.
Be fun?
Make new connections.
Allow for travel?
Align with my ideals.
Get my foot in the proverbial door.

Here's to the future.