Monday, June 30, 2008

It's a sociological study, I've discovered...

Some of the biggest news in my life is that, well, in a subconscious attempt to receive more attention and possibly ridicule, I have died my hair MAGENTA. If you ever had any question about which girl I was in the bars, walking around downtown, or working any of my three jobs - there can no longer be a question... I'm the one with the magenta hair. Not much of that 'round here.

The spontaneous pinking of Melissa Leeanne:

I was at work Friday at the 'Vous, when I decided on a whim that I should buy a little tub of Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye and apply it to my virginal hair. I texted Miss MO and she came over to the bar to have a drink and accompany me in this grand adventure. We headed to Juneau Drug and sorted through the vast collection of vividly hued tubs of dye. I finally decided on something that had 'wine' in the name. We walked up to my place and I took the necessary steps, Miss MO applied the dark purply-pinky goo to my signature strawberry-blonde locks, and we sat and waited. I almost freaked out a couple times in the first ten minutes, but I persevered. Then it was time to rinse it out and as a wave of magenta rushed over my whole body and continued to gush forth from atop my head, I started to panic. The pink kept coming, it was leaving my skin a shade of pink, it was possibly dying my eyebrows a shade of pink, there was a good chance I would regret ever thinking about this... Naked, wet, and pink I nearly cried out for Miss MO to come help, though there was nothing for her to do. Also, I was naked, wet, and pink... which could be awkward. After a prolonged shower, two shampoos, and covering everything in our bathroom with spots or streaks of pink, I was satisfied and proceeded to style the magenta mess on my head. I kind of like it. A lot. Not sure if I'll like it for its whole longish life, but I do like it now.

Thursday evening I attended the Burlesque show at the 'Vous and quite enjoyed it. I dressed up all fancy-like and drank gin & tonics. I knew some of the people participating, so that made the show that much more interesting. During the intermission, I hopped on over to the Alaskan to see what was going on. Mr. MM shaved his beard. When I first walked through I apparently looked directly at him without registering that it was the man I've spent so much time with over the past month. On the way out, I realized it was him and was happy to see him after his illness induced hiatus. I also ran into Mr. CG and some of the other co-workers. One of the guys, whom I had only that day met, didn't recognize me because of the vast difference between 'working at GC Melissa' and 'having a social life Melissa' and I had to prompt him a bit in recalling our meeting. I think seeing me in a dress and heels with my hair done and makeup on caught all of them by surprise - just wait until they see the pink hair.

Friday I worked and then dyed the hair, watched a movie, and took a brief nap before going out. I met up with Miss CM for a quick meal at the Hangar before we headed out on the town. When we got there it was crowded, so we ended up sitting at the bar. When I sat down this older guy turns to me and tells me he likes my hair. Actually, here is a paraphrased transcript of the conversation:

Dude: I like your hair.
Me: Thanks.
Dude: (Rubs head on hair) I thought it might rub off.
Me: (Creeped out) Uh, don't think it works that way.

(Talking with Miss CM occurs and our food arrives)

Dude: Aren't you going to offer me a bite?
Me: (Looking at dude and salad) Oh, it's rabbit food, didn't think you'd want any.
Dude: How do you know I'm not a rabbit?
Me: (Seriously?) Uh, your ears aren't long enough?

(Talking with Miss CM and eating food)

Dude: Can I have a piece of your bread?
Me: I'd really prefer if you didn't.

(Talking with Miss CM and finishing meal)

Dude: Well, have a good night.
Me: Yeah, you too.
Dude: Oh, and, next time someone is nice to you, try to be less of a bitch.

That's the sort of stuff I expect at work, tending bar during the day, not at the Hangar!

After that, Miss CM and I went out to a few bars, meeting up with some others like Miss MO, Miss P, Miss AD, Mr. A, Mr. M, and Mr. MM. We had quite a bit of fun drinking and doing a bit of dancing. Not much to say but that the Great Alaska Bluegrass Band formerly known as Bluegrass 101 was playing. Mr. MM wouldn't dance with me because he was wearing flip flops... I was hoping for one more dance before he leaves, for old times' sake. I stuck around even after bar close expecting we'd spend more time together, having not seen each other for at least a week and a half, but he gave me a ride home and we parted ways.

Saturday I worked again and when I got off work I had to face one of my bosses who might actually care about hair color. She gave me the afternoon off because the store was slow, not because I have pink hair. I then spent some hours wandering around downtown, grabbing some lunch, and then putting on The Illusionist at home, only to fall asleep before the main cast even appeared on screen. I slept for a good 4 hours before I made plans with Miss P for some adventures. We met up and went to the Alaskan to check out the band. While we liked the music, we weren't feeling the scene at the time, so we skipped over to the Bergmann. There we had some concoctions from Mr. KI before deciding on an adventure. Adventures with me and Miss P usually involve an "adventure size" bottle of either tequila or peppermint schnapps. This time it involved the latter, some Capri menthol lights, and the start of the Fool's Run. After cheering on the racers and walkers, we headed to the hangar where I immediately broke one of the cardinal rules of being a good friend and ditched Miss P and the other two we were with because I saw Mr. MM. I joined him for a drink, which turned into a couple drinks and some really quality conversation. We spent the rest of the night together talking and having fun at the Hangar and eventually the Alaskan. We went home and then I got to sleep in on Sunday.

I slept in too late Sunday, I slept until around an hour before I was meant to start, which left me rushing and leaves me today with the same ghetto headphones. Work was pretty decent, actually. People were mostly well behaved, aside from the usual unpleasant people, and in the evening there was a going away party for one of Miss J's former roommates. I tended through that, had some of the tasty food, and then headed out not long after my shift because I had to meet up with Miss MO to go to Mr. MM's going away barbecue/bonfire bash. Arriving only at around 9, I ended up staying later than I should have, considering I had to get up at 3am. It was fun though, I got to spend a little more time with Mr. MM, some of his friends, and some of mine. It was a pretty good crowd, some more good food, and there was even brief nudity when Mr. MM got half naked to save a frisbee from being carried out to sea. We didn't spend that much of the barbecue actually hanging out, as he had many guests desiring his attention. Miss MO dropped me off at home and here I am. Tired. Bored already. Hoping I get that better job...

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Myron Davis said...

That is awesome! (your hair color), I was at Only Fools run at Midnight as well but I guess I didn't see you there.

The place had a lot of people; however I think last year MAY have had more people.

I really need to post another blog about stuff. I've been pretty busy, I just haven't been posting anything!